WoW Esports in 2019 - WoW

(Jito) #61

That’s not the point. If you paid 10 bucks a month for a long time, but Blizzard could squeeze out another 10 bucks a month from you by offering a sweet deal, then of course they will seek to do that.

If you have 50 bucks worth of disposable income, then it’s Blizzard’s goal to try and get as much of those money as possible. Because if they don’t, then someone else will. That’s called competition.


They just want MOAR Money all the time its making me feel sick now.

As the playerbase dwindels rather than make the game good there coming out with ways to generate extra Cash from the really addicted people who for some sad reason cant quit.

Everyone can see Blizzard are finished greed has imploded the company


You mean that “we are removing it so you better buy it now if oyu ever want it but wait its actually gonna come back from time to time hahaha”


empathy and caring about other people is what makes us humans jito.

:joy: you know, everytime I think, you cant get any lower, you manage to surprise me, you’re like on the same level as heelvsbabyfaces. :joy:

what you just said could be said, if blizzard made EVERYTHING 10 times more expensive, while every item drop would cost real life money to be used.
idk… I dont think forum rules allow me to express my opinion freely about what you just said.

(Shogath) #65

Sorry, is there a law that i missed that states that game developers can’t start an ingame shop to sell extra’s?

Just because some games are free to play with large ingame shops doesn’t mean other business models are not allowed.

(Punyelf) #66

It was see you later deal. It’s kind of inferred that they may be back later but there is no guarantee. I bought them not because they were going (possibly for some time) but rather because it was such a good price.


you got played.

(Punyelf) #68

No I bought a bargain with my money and of my free will. I have seen/heard/read this same hysteria over and over and over since I bought the very first pets that went on sale.


No there is no such law. It is just my ramble. I grew up in a time when these kind of monotization tactics were non-existant. Wonder why I don’t buy games anymore.


yeah but at 10000:1 ratio, most people dont have that gold.
issue isnt me, issue is the issue, regardless of if it applies to me or not.

sometimes I look at the forums and I wanna die.


now imagine if those items were in the game and you could just play the actual game and get them. Lets reinforce the store instead!


Imagine, World of Warcraft - but without activision :joy:


almost as if the game was better in the past :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

(Alexima) #74

I’m just hoping that WOW esports doesn’t reach the success level of overwatch. Or you guys should kiss this expansion and this game goodbye.

Overwatch is now blizzard’s golden boy thanks to its earnings, and they basically neglected the game completely because of the ESPORTS. I can only imagine what will happen to WOW.

(Razien) #75

No, but there’s an unspoken law that goes as follows: Games need to be designed in such a way that they attract players and keep them interested and satisfied, otherwise they will leave and said game will die.


almost as if the cash shop was introduced when “merge” happened, to milk customers :joy:

(Razien) #77

We’d probably end up in the situation that we’re in right now.


(Punyelf) #78

Then play the game farm the gold and convert to balance buy them.

That is not something that was even possible when the store first came out.

Lots of people play for free because they can farm in game. If it’s something you really want then you can work towards it like any other in game item.


I dont think this state can get any worse :joy:


except in the end all the “buy stuff with gold” is still “thickening activisions pocket”