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(Punyelf) #81

That’s even worse. It’s not even applicable to you. You purely like to argue and trash talk blizzard every chance you get. Whether it’s taking a pop at the moderation or the game or the store.

You just can’t help yourself.

(Jito) #82

Empathy for what? If I choose to spend my money on a WoW Token, in what way are you empathizing with me? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oh man, there’s a guy in the supermarket who just decided to buy 2 Snickers. I really empathize and feel a sense of caring.
….Said no one ever.


(Shogath) #83

I grew up in a time with no computers. My first game was Pong! And here i am playing World of Warcraft (among other games) and spend my money on games instead of booze. It’s my frigging choice!

People have to stop freaking out over the most mundane of things such as businesses trying to make profit.

Like making money is something dirty… gimme a ffing break please.

(Punyelf) #84

I have to agree. I could understand if the outrage was over something like them saying you had to pay extra to use your UI addon or if you had to pay extra to have alts.

(Mortheria) #85

Sorry Punyelf your wrong on that, for instance 2009 the battle net was added and incoperated games like StarCraft, starcraft 2 and diablo to the Battlenet. The game shop was added in 5.4.2 world wide on the battlenet.

(Shogath) #86

No, there is only entitlement and envy.

(Punyelf) #87

I googled the info initially. Hold on

This is from my account transaction history…

4 Nov 2009
World of Warcraft® In-Game Pet: Pandaren Monk
World of Warcraft® In-Game Pet: Lil’ K.T.

(Razien) #88

Wrong but nice try.


Making money is not “dirty” just the way some companies do it. Using a well established IP to sell a mount for 20 euro, instead of putting it behind some kind of content, especially when the game is lacking content is one of these practices.

Not as bad as prowling on underage kinds to use their parents credit card, or simply locking progression or ability behind lootboxes, but still it hurts me deeply, that we came this far.

(Alexima) #90

That’s what you think. It always can get worse. IF they could turn their best game into garbage, They’ll turn their former best game into a bigger pile of garbage.


how’s it even bad?
I see an issue, I talk about it.
am I supposed to only talk about issues that directly concern me? :joy:

because no I dont have issues with being kicked, I dont have issues with friend list, I dont have issues with socialization, no issues with logging on to my server when expansion launches, <insert 99 issues I dont have but others do>.

that’s a very selfish way to go.

Just like I praise blizzard every chance I get. its pretty simple concept - you do smth good you get pats, you do something bad and pew.

yeah those are some next level individuals that murdered forums and game. and yeah, I dont like them. what about it? :joy:

Im losing brain cells while reading this. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

(Mortheria) #92

Sorry read the patch note 5.4.2 please as I said battle-net.


in game shop was added when bliz and activision merged. lol
that’s the entire irony here

(Punyelf) #94

Accusing others of lack of empathy or of being selfish is becoming your standard.

At the moment you appear to jump on any topic to bash Blizz. Whilst there are things I don’t like that they are doing I don’t feel the need to bash every single thing in existence that has the name Blizzard on it. I’m sorry if it’s not the case, I just all I see from you atm :(.

However I guess we should really get back to the subject at hand because this is just going off at a tangent.

(Punyelf) #95


On July 9, 2008 , Activision merged with Vivendi Games, culminating in the inclusion of the Blizzard brand name in the title of the resulting holding company. On July 25, 2013 , Activision Blizzard announced the purchase of 429 million shares from majority owner Vivendi.

The pet store as it was first known started in November 2009.

(Shogath) #96

Yeah, they tried it on a crap game that nobody wanted to play. But somehow that didn’t work out too well. :roll_eyes:

You know what “hurts deeply”? Parents negleckting their kids to the extend they can get away with crap like that.

There was a time when parents were raising hell over the fact that their kids ran up a bill with the phone company on their cellphones. Never happened with my kid though… i’ll let you guess why!

(Madorin) #97

It’s funny seeing people defend the shop by saying that it has been in the game since 2009 as that was also accidentally the time when subs started to stagnate and eventually drop by the millions.

(Jito) #98

I suspect you say that because you can’t argue your point.

But benefit of the doubt and all that, dismiss what I said – we’ll scratch it up as a stupid reply by me.

Now, would you care to explain what you meant in regards to caring and empathizing with people who spend their own money, by their own choice, on a WoW Token? I might just have missed your point, and that being why you felt my reply was nonsensical, so forgive me if that’s the case.

But could you elaborate please? Caring and empathizing with people spending their own money on a WoW Token, how?

(Jito) #99

And the financial crisis was at its worst during mid-2009.
See, we can all come up with arbitrary reasons for the subscriber numbers stagnating or declining or whatever we want our narrative to be.

(Madorin) #100

No it wasn’t, it was far worse at the beginning of 2009 and didn’t have a noticeable effect in the sub numbers. Also I never stated that the shop was the reason for the decline only that it’s not that smart to say: “Hey we have been doing that since our costumers started to leave us so there is clearly nothing wrong with it!”.