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yeah, I mean, they choose to work there, why do you even care about them? its capitalism, every wolf is for themself. :wink:

exactly what Im doing, but as I said, people will see what they wanna see.

(Wwhelp) #122

And I’m be right there with you on that.

I kinda gave up on that crusade because I got tired of being told server transfers are “optional” when they’re not.

I don’t feel as bad about this particular case because it actually does fit the criteria of “optional” in my mind. Call me selective I guess.


you can go play the free trial, the rest of the content is just optional and in the store if you feel liek you want to play it. No one is forcing it on you.

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You’re still the person that went on my server and mailed me flowers when I was having a really really bad day

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Now you’re splitting hairs, and I thought I was the Blizzard defender around here. :upside_down_face:

If you want to play Battle for Azeroth – which is the latest WoW product – then you need two things: The expansion box product and an active WoW subscription. Both of those cost money (or gold).

Making use of the Online Store kind of presumes that you already have forked out money for the two above. I doubt the guys who play Guild Wars 2 are flocking to Blizzard’s Online Store to buy the latest mount, you know?

So the Online Store is an extra on top of two mandatory payments. If Blizzard are money-grabbing and milking the playerbase, then the issue hardly lies with the Online Store – which is an extra that you can say no to! – but rather the two mandatory payments that all must make, where one is recurring every single month!

If people are going to be outraged about this money grabbing and milking, then be outraged about that which actually sucks money out of your wallet. Spoiler: It’s not the friggin’ store!


but the mounts nad pets are the latest bfa product, so you wont get 100% if u dont buy it.

(Jito) #127

You weren’t ever promised 100%. The box product gives you…the box product!! Nothing less, nothing more.

And then Blizzard gives you some “free content” which you can access only by having an active subscription, which costs money too.

And then they give you an offer of buying some extra content in the form of pets and mounts on top of that, if you want to.


Then you get the base patch and nothing that gets added after.

How does it feel arguing with yourself?


you said, why should we empathize and care about what others do.

and I said because its what makes us humans, to take care of others and understand their struggles, and issues, rather than seeing things from our perspectives only.

because as it was mentioned I can afford all of the store stuff, and probably all the store stuff in other blizzard games, and still have enough gold to stay subbed for few years more.

but since I empathize with other people, I understand that not everyone can do, and afford to spend hundereds of euros on “store cosmetics” to thicken activisions pockets, hence why Im in the thread discussing this disgusting change that’s purely aimed at milking people.

but point being is, regardless of if you spend money or gold, both are serving to thickening activisions pockets.


(Jito) #130

Yeah. That’s what you’re paying for. Or rather, it was what you paid for. When Battle for Azeroth was released, then the base patch was all there was. That’s what you bought access to. The rest, patch 8.1.0 and the upcoming patch 8.1.5 is extra “free content” that Blizzard adds to the game in an effort to keep you subscribed (which costs money as well).


no stuff duuuude

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Good, then we agree.



that the sub is optional yes.

(Jito) #134

Good, then we don’t agree.


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Do some of you dramaqueens also have a problem with people that pay for their subs with gold and thus play for free?

Just wondering.

(Razien) #136

Why would I? That’s not harming the game in the slightest.


On the contrary, the Token has removed an important gameplay element - gold. Gold is no longer a dimension of the game, and the game is the poorer for it.

When I first dinged 85 in Cata, gold was my first big problem. I needed gold I didn’t have to skill up my Alchemy, get flying, buy gear (yes, I know buying gear is silly … now; I was noobish beyond understanding back then) and whatever else seemed important to me at the time. I was actually considering buying gold. The money was nothing to me, and nowadays I would buy a Token and sell it without thinking. Back then, though, having to plan out how to get gold made me develop an understanding of WoW’s economy and how to use my professions and the AH. And that was a new learning, and a new game activity for me. Since then, of course, gold has never been a problem for me.

So, yeah, it removed a dimension of the game. So, yeah, it did harm.

Of course, lots of people like it because they can play for free, and others because they never have to learn about or engage with goldmaking, and others because they can just buy whatever boosts and gear and achievements they want with their credit cards. So that’s obviously all good, with no downside at all. /sarc

There are no changes that are purely bad, and no changes that are purely good. Every change is a trade-off, and whether you see it as good or bad depends on how it affects you, and how limited your vision is.

Pressure on the devs to incentivise e-sports is pressure to change the game in that direction, and that’s a pressure I don’t like.

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Give me the accounting books of Blizzard and I will look them through, I am trained in it. Thanks to economics lessons I hated investors because the lessons were clearly about making money only, not about how to treat employees or customer satisfaction in the right way. Like by firing people if profits are just down a tiny bit and to reach a point in customer happiness where they are bitter but not bitter enough to walk away from being fleeched and nickle and dimed. It’s the reason I couldn’t work in an international company or company who had stock out, the customer is 2nd place and not 1st place. 1st place is for the investors only. Ever since Activision we have seen it ramp up bit by bit each year.

Product, place, price and promotion. Know what’s gaming nowadays is? Promotion, sell a beta as a game with promises to fix it later because investors want you to rush it to people who hate said genre but you want as customers so screw your loyal fanbase for a high fee. Just hype stuff and make flashy commercials (add small lies, but not enough or big enough to get you to be liable to be sued).

I’m prepared to pay a good price, that’s why the bag of fries I buy are almost € 3.00 but damn it’s good. The price and quality are good, even checked their site they treat their customers with diginity. They even give poor kids a bag for free if they ae with friends, their employees are well trained, well respected and well payed thus they are happy and the ones workign there are happily working there for over 18 years. They know every reguluar customer by heart.

Blizzard used to be this snackbar, pricy but you knew what you would get would be done and be top quality! But ever since they teamed with activision the quality slipped, minimum wage jobs were suddenly the standard etc.

The reason we don’t get demo’s anymore? We could find out we didn’t like the gameplay so we won’t buy it. Weirdly enough yes I didn’t buy certain games because of demo’s but games like God of War or Ratchet and Clank I discovered thanks to them and once I palyed the demo I ran to the store.

(Shogath) #139

Oh really?

So playing the game to earn gold to play for free it is okay but playing the game to earn ingame gold for mounts is not?

And paying real cash to play the game is okay but paying for a handfull of mounts and pets is not?

You guys make no sense.

(Sindrí) #140

Actually it does, store items count towards their corresponding achievements.