WoW is a Twitter microcosm

Where the vocal minority of activists that screams and whines the loudest on the forums, gets to dictate the pace of the game for everyone else that just wants to get on with derping stuff.

GG Blizzard.


While slightly pulled out of proportion, also not entirely incorrect.

You know what I have been left wing/liberal my entire life but the people on twitter are so insufferable I actually find myself leaning now toward the right. For example, JK Rowling, people acting like she is the spawn of satan - I mean who are these people to judge her like that, do they think they are Mother Theresa or something? I have read what she said over and over again and can’t see what she has said that is so bad as to deserve the amount of hate she gets. I think these people slating her do not live in reality and do not know what a truley horrible person looks like.

It’s all self-righteous people with little life experience virtue signalling. There are no angels in this world yet these people act like they are moral perfection.


Or just feel like calling something bad bad slightly differant

And GD is the safe space for you to vent. Such is life; a game of compromises for everyone involved.

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