WoW Loot for Prime Gaming Members: Lil'XT!

WoW Loot for Prime Gaming Members: Lil'XT!

We’re teaming up with Amazon Prime Gaming for a special offer. For a limited time, Prime Gaming subscribers can obtain an irascible pet!

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Twice cause one should go to the Classic Subcategory?

Thankyou Blizzard.


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I actually pulled one of those in my Wotlk Collectors Edition. And I think I had one from a TCG Pack as well, I know I had 2 anyway since I gave one to a friend.

It’s a nice pet. Hope those who have it enjoy it.

How about something for Classic for a change? We still don’t have Mr. Chilly or the Perky Pug for example. Would be a good way to implement those.

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hello, the new prime gaming loot should give “battle pet Landros XT the little one” (from the trading card game). In the game, however, you get “XT the little one” (WoW shop). How do I get the right pet now?

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Nevermind, from the wording it seems intended to give you the Store version instead of the tcg one.

Thanks for the heads up I already have the store one and thought for a second it was the TCG one you get from this, had no idea there where 2 of them almost identical in name

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