WoW needs third faction

With two factions you can never balance game purely 50/50. Players will eventually pick stronger faction. Third faction is a cure to everything!

How? When one faction is becoming visibly overpopulated then two remaining ones can become allies. That is making them equal if not stronger. Constantly shifting politics would be funny to watch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s a terrible idea.

We’re clinging on to a two faction game as it is. Splitting it further is just ridiculous game-play wise.

Maybe 10 years ago, even then it would have been a bad idea… but now, no.


Population is fine… There are lower populated games than have more factions. I would prefer three factions over turning this game into one faction that will eventually happen. Useless Alliance cant keep-up :sweat_smile:

in theory it could work, but it would have to be more neutral classes, like pandas… without all that, this topic is pointless atm xD

Insert a 3rd faction when 1 of 2 are pretty dead.
Great idea…

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There are talks of faction dissolution and you are asking for a 3rd one? :thinking:

If it’s true that the four covenants in SL will be hostile in War mode your prayers may have been answered.

Imagine a Kyrian Human Paladin vs a Night Fae NE Druid vs a Venthyr BE Warlock vs a Necrolords Orc DK


All it needs is an OP PVP racial to sway it back.

Everyone is overblowing this Horde domination.

Mythic+ is better with Night Elves. We had 5 (ish) years of everyone being a Human with EMFH.

Get some perspective everyone.

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Third faction, eh?



Divide and Conquer?? I heard somewhere!

This doesn’t make any sense… there will simply be 2 weak factions and 1 strong.

Needs to be good in PvE too. And it must be something so clearly OP that people will legit switch faction for it while simultaneously causing a forum explosion.

And then, once balance has begun to return…

  1. nerf it to normal levels
  2. change PvP rewards so the winners don’t walk away with more loot/conquest than the losers. As weird as this sounds, the only way to stop faction swapping to the stronger side is to have it not matter whether you win or lose. The state of ‘the strong gets stronger’ is currently a problematic feedback loop that needs to go.
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I am not a fan of introducing a third faction. Everything in the game is based on two, all the established guilds, communities, the cities, etc etc.

I’ve not heard anything about the covenants being at war with each other in WM, and it’s not really a very good idea IMO either. Many will choose whatever covenant is strongest for the type of content they do.

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I don’t think so.
According to another player in that topic the covenants will be class specific, which means if you have five players with different classes wanting to min/Max everything they will end up in different covenants (enemies).

Apparently from what I read from one of Leafkettle posts that was hinted by Ion in his recently interview. I still need to confirm this.
But it’s interesting, debating the idea.


It sounds like a good idea until you realise that the shifting alliances means you constantly end up not being able to play with your friends when you could yesterday due to external forces, seemingly at random.

Interesting politically? Yes.
Fun gameplay? No.

Away with it!

That is not a problem! Fun is not alowed you know…

I disagree with both your presumptions :slightly_smiling_face: but that is fine.

You can read up about the covenant abilities here

I will most definitely be going for the covenant that gives my characters the biggest advantage.

I also don’t agree that they have said anything about the covenants being at war with each other.

We have several months to speculate.
Might as well just enjoy it.

I will go for the one that suits my characters, personality.


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There will certainly be players who go that route, but WoW has a lot of min max players even at casual levels.

You know whats quite interesting?

If Blizzard made a third elf-only faction, both alliance and horde would be dead.


there’s toys that make you 3rd faction :wink: