WoW Remix Developer Update – 30 May

Hello Timerunners!

As we approach the end of the second week of WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria, we’d like to take a moment to talk about some very recent updates we’ve made and look forward to the next 11+ weeks that the event will be available.

We’ve now made several changes to address some issues we’ve seen, especially around max level content such as heroic scenarios, heroic dungeons, and raids. Our goal here is to address the sudden increase in enemy power at level 70 for group content and make the transition to higher difficulty raids smoother for players.

  • Heroic Scenario, Heroic Dungeon, and Normal Raids increase in power more slowly between levels 60 and 70. When first reaching level 70, players will continue to be challenged by max-level content, but that increase in difficulty should now be noticeably lessened.
  • Heroic and Mythic raids have been adjusted so there is a smoother transition between them. Before these changes, there was a stark difference in the power of each raid. Now, players should experience a smoother transition that feels more like a natural progression instead of a huge step.

Even with recent hotfixes in place, there is still a significant increase in difficulty for Heroic Throne of Thunder, Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar, and Mythic Siege of Orgrimmar. WoW Remix is designed to provide players who wish to take on the toughest challenges with the means to do so, by upgrading their gear and collecting additional threads.

Looking forward, we want you to know that we do not plan to change the Bronze cost of upgrading gear. We’ve already seen many players make the decision to upgrade items so that they can comfortably take on Heroic raids (and hopefully earn the large amounts of Bronze available from them). The gains in power that come with increasing your item levels are exponential, not linear, and we don’t want anyone to second-guess their decision to become much more powerful.

For players who primarily wish to gather Bronze and acquire some of the cosmetic rewards available in Remix, many options have emerged. We’re seeing some players level up multiple alts for the 40,000 Bronze available from quests at levels 50, 60, and 70, while other players mainly focus on earning Bronze with multiple level-70 characters doing queued content and repeatable daily quests and activities.

We’ll outline all of our recent Remix hotfixes in our hotfixes update post, and we’ll continue to read all of your feedback. It’s been a lot of fun to go on this journey with you.

Thank you very much!


Using my bronze to upgrade gear is one of the first things I did. My power difference from doing so was huge, now it lets me earn bronze faster each day now. Overall certainly worthwhile doing so, especially earlier on in the event. That leaves the rest of the event to earn bronze faster on the upgraded character.

I did also level a few alts for the bronze from the questing and the 50/60/70 rewards, got quite a lot of mounts using them. Still planning on levelling more.


lol, typical blizzard L


Allow people to gear up on frogs, make it “seem” like you nerfed them yet they have all the player power. Stream boosting people for 2 mill a pop (that people probably bought with wow tokens) with their overpowered gear, whilst nerfing everyone else so they can’t get that gear within an equal amount of play time.

out of touch.

log out, don’t play. playtime drops they will hit us with a “hey guys, we reduced bronze costs come and play!”

Don’t like it? Vote with your playtime guys, all I can say.


It’s like watching them hitting that last nail with the heaviest hammer swing they got in to this coffin that’s pandamix.

Unbelievable how big of an L this is. It’s the biggest problem factor from the very start and they just come out and bring this L home big time by announcing: " we don’t care "



The entire concept is a clown show enabled by ridiculous player power scaling.

Running through some of the raids takes a longer amount of time than all boss fights combined even at higher difficulties, that alone should tell you how much you have failed at making this fun.

I’d rather spend 5 minutes or more on a boss with generous tuning as we have in DF Normal modes for example and be rewarded better for it than just playing a queue simulator. Really not in mood having to clear all five raids every day for two weeks on several difficulties in order to upgrade my gear only to see Mythic bosses fall over in 10 seconds once I’m done.

No meaningful content and weak rewards. You should have removed broken gems from the game a week ago and banned all exploiters because their punishment has been only a slap on the wrist. The characters in question have been “downgraded” to a state significantly more powerful than my main has achieved after a full week of moderately high time investment, like literally three times as much stamina being the most obvious.

Instead of something interesting to keep us busy for three months, everyone will get sick of a combat based game with no combat after one more week of this nonsense. As for tagging in the open world, it is just impossible to play because many players are one shotting rares even with the most basic abilities before your own spell projectile ever reaches the target.

As for player power, you should have taken the heart of azeroth approach where every jump would require more effort and time to reach. Even the armor upgrades require the same amount of bronze for each stage despite offering exponential instead of linear scaling. What a mess you managed to create.

This feel like diablo immortal all over again, anyone who tried it will know what I am talking about.


For some reason they seem to think that if we get OP fast and can make alts that are also OP we’ll just nope out. As it is, with every source of power getting nerfed, I’ll be getting the mogs, then be done till TWW. If we could actually get strong on alts, Id quite happily stick around to try the other classes with silly OP powers.


Why are people still bringing froggers into this, their irrelevant at this point in remix.
Their cloaks that had huge stats are nerfed now.
Yeah it sucked they kept there gear, but at this point a lot of players who didn’t do any farms are already starting to reach max gear, or the last 4-5 levels of gear. And and more and more players will be doing that over the coming weeks.

So froggers aren’t making any difference anymore, players who play at lot have already caught up or a very close. The gear stops upgraded at a certain ilvl, people are reaching that.
So blizzard nerfing the froggers cloaks did nerf them, since their crazy stats are gone.
Now people are just getting the crazy cloak normally.

Can you start fixing Dragonflight ? Most of the Guild Achievements have been broken since the last patch. This Remix thing is not what I am paying for, I got to level 20 then stopped. Is there any Developer update posts for Dragonflight ?

Pathetic attitude from a pathetic company. You lost your way Blizzard.
You advertised remix with “unlimited power” and “fun” yet only frog exploiters get all these.
Congrats your messing up what could have been a big win for you.


Im honestly fine with them keeping the bronze upgrade cost the same if they’re set on it but why they don’t change it so the cost itself is exponential to fit the power progression I don’t know.

It would fix the issue of the jarring 70 depowering whilst also not affecting anyone who has piled bronze into the upgrades already - we’d still end up paying the same amount as them in the long run.

An exponential upgrade increase would also mean that people would be able to jump into normal raids relatively comfortably and maybe even push some of the easier heroics. If they decided they wanted to do the harder ones and even mythic they would have to put in the time and effort to get the ever increasing bronze costs for their gear.

All this is going to do (alongside the Ward nerf) is raise the barrier of entry so high (ilvl) that players hit a roadblock upon hitting 70. They know player behaviour, they have 20 years of data on it. An exponential cost increase would have helped alleviate that and be an easy win, but of course they don’t go this route. Just stick their heels in and continue to be stubborn.

This is the latest iteration of how Blizzard now operates and runs their games.

Every single change this company makes to their games is by design and they don’t care about how their player base perceive a game, their sole purpose is to keep the consumer playing for longer so you stay subbed/playing for longer and in-turn generate more money.

They have to keep us subbed while they create their latest cash grab “The War Within” which right now is pretty much a reskinned Dragonflight.

This is the reason they wont nerf bronze upgrade costs and not allow players to get too strong (excluding the few who farmed frogs who they don’t care about).
It’s the reason for no alt catchup system
It’s the reason they are buffing all the raids again and nerfing all the OP meta gems
It’s the reason mythic SoO drops nothing extra at all.
Its the reason your weekly vault is full of crap each week.
It’s the reason SoM has limited resources and was dropped (no monetisation).
It’s the reason D4 drops in seasons with QoL changes being drip fed so people return in waves to buy their s*** cosmetic shop appearances.
It’s the reason they betrayed their player base on Overwatch.

I’m 100% certain this company actively hates its own customers, sole purpose of existence is to make money out of people by making malicious changes to their games to keep you playing longer and they just stay silent, notice how they don’t communicate or fully document most changes in their patch notes?

This is because they would rather give you two fingers and just grab your money



Which means if we reduce the cost of upgrading, people will not have to grind for as long & player numbers will drop. This will look bad for investors, so you have to stay at the grind wheel for much longer.

And ignore it as usual, because even though we say “We’re listening” we’re not.

Fun for who? You keep nerfing our fun & if you find that fun, then you are a bunch of sadists.


Where can we report OP for Trolling?


I thought it was for quick leveling and OP funny broken gameplay

can you guys please pick what remix is supposed to be about and stick with it

Its hurting faith for TWW to see this flipfloppery


Remember kids: exploit early, exploit often!


Common Blizzard L

Woah, devs showing us again how out of touch they are and that they have no sense of fun, well, at least now I can safely just farm bronze and ignore the other parts of the game, get my mounts and get out of this mess. The main part of remix was to be overpowered and do crazy stuff, but you balance it like retail instead and sell only lies.


That is not what you advertised. On the launcher frontpage, it said “Overpowered” and “Fun”.
This was NOT advertised as a “challenge for the dedicated”.