WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Hotfixes -- 3 July

May 22, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Added clarity to the quest “The Great Water Hunt” to speak with Mudmug before gathering water.
  • Nostwin now sells Glyph of Shadow for Priests.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the quest “Where are My Reinforcements?” from proceeding as expected.
  • Improved the respawn rate and treasure from rares and rare elites across Pandaria.
  • Increased the amount of bronze and raised the drop chance for threads of time from airborne bronze.
  • Fixed an issue where players who faction-changed could not use the group finder for dungeons and scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the quest “Riding the Skies” from granting the appropriate Cloud Serpent mount.
  • Fixed an issue causing Wise Mari in the Temple of the Jade Serpent to not spawn Corrupt Living Water as intended.
  • Hutia was out of control in the Jade Forest, and has been convinced to relax a bit and stop hitting so hard.
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Now please make it more altfriendly. If you unlocked trinkets, rings or the neck, make them purchaseable for alts and reduce upgrade costs too till your max IL.


Blizzard showed how pathetic they are with their fixes over and over again.

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So we are really not getting added rewards from achievements retroactively? Thats disappointing, thank you blizz for punishing us for playing the way you wanted.


I have an issue with the ‘Time Trial’ achievement where i have done it, but i was NOT rewarded the ‘August Phoenix’ mount. I seen others with the mount so i know it works but presently i have not had support in this from ‘customer support’ can someone please advise? Is this a bug with the pandaria remix that only effects selected players?

May 23, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Normal scenarios, Normal dungeons, Heroic scenarios, Heroic dungeons, and daily Infinite Bazaar quests now award a Cache containing 5x as much Bronze as before.
    • Developers’ notes: We intend for players to earn more Bronze as you level up, so you can more easily start purchasing upgrades and rewards. At level 70, these caches now award 8750 Bronze (this was previously 1750 Bronze).
  • Fixed an issue where the Celestial Court bosses on the Timeless Isle would occasionally despawn.
  • Fixed a bug affecting the scaling of certain Tinker gems.
  • Putrid Waste enemies in Throne of Thunder no longer deal extreme amounts of Putrify damage.
  • Brewmaster Blanche now queues you for A Brewing Storm when asked.
  • The Paragon of the Mists title is now account wide.

Might wanna reword that thing about the 8750 because it sounds like each cache awards that instead of it actually being the total for doing all of them.

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good direction but… I don’t know if the developers realize it, but the gaming community is greedy and that’s why we want everything as soon as possible, but currently it’s a month of hard grind. 50k bronze a day is a sum that no one with 2-4h of play a day can reach. I’m not a developer and I have no idea how to manage in-game systems or motivate players to play the game, but throwing sticks under their feet is not the way to go. It just occurs to me that it could be more interesting and fun if after each dungeon,scenario, LFR wing, the player can upgrade e.g. a weapon for 9k. and it will be up to the player how he spends his time in the game. So please raise all rewards and bronze drops 6-10 times.

Although you have written this in a way that makes it sound like a huge buff. In reality and the amount of bronze that you 1) farm per day and 2) cost of upgrading your gear. This is a negligible amount.

A blanket increase of bronze across all sources would be the best option.

Still, thank you for the Buff to Bronze. But please can we have some more.

I would only partially agree. Not to start the debate again but most of the greediness began when a minority of the playerbase aquired amounts of bronze noone can catch up to anymore. In this regard I’d say it’s more envy than greed.
If those unwanted mechanics haven’t been in the game and you happen to come across someone with a much higher ilvl or more transmogs/mounts aquired from the event you would think “fair enough, he put in more time than me.”
But as it is, everyone who played from the start knows they didn’t neccesarily put in more time.

edit: Nonetheless I agree that there should be changes made to the amount of bronze we get from activities overall.

I just did a normal dungeon, normal scenario and handed in the daily scenario quest and each of them just gave me a Cache of Infinite Treasure with miniscule bronze, and the Greater Bronze Cache who in each case gave me 1250.

Do I misunderstand something?

“At level 70, these caches now award 8750 Bronze”

They mean in Total across all the upgraded rewards. not just in 1 cache.

I thin they made the assumption that everyone already knew that Greater Bronze Caches were 1250 bronze.


But then what is the hotfix on May 23rd? That was the same as before the 23rd.

No, previously these only awards 250 bronze. They now offer 5x the amount of bronze. Basically Blizz have just given us an extra 7000 odd bronze per day. That’s like 1.5 upgraded items. It’s not huge considering I upgrade all my items twice per day already with the bronze I farm.

Although this is a huge buff for these rewards. The buff to Bronze should be blanketed across all sources for it really to have an impact.

They have forgot to mention the blanket nerf of Bronze that you get on lower levels. Well, I should have seen it coming I guess.

  • CriteriaTree: Frog Farmer Designer Value

  • CriteriaTree: 10.2.7 Timewalking Season - Is Frog Farmer

  • Criteria

When are you addressing the exploiters selling carries for gold?

“exploit early and often” is a meme that still rings true.

This realistically is not good enough.

Adjusting the amount of threads and bronze that we are able to gain by such a small amount is not going to keep players invested. This is supposed to be a fun event for players, and I imagine is also supposed to be a way to internally boost subscriptions, given the fact it spans three months.

Blizzard at this point should be aware that a good portion of the retail World of Warcraft community are quite toxic and elitist, myself included.

It is extremely unlikely to successfully run heroic and mythic difficulty raids without having multiple members of your group who spent hours at one of the various farms before they got nerfed, and as is the case on retail with the first couple of weeks of mythic plus, these people are now so far ahead that it will reach a point where you are permanently denied to most raids.

It will legitimately become preferrable to wait until the last month when people are selling bundled heroic boosts for essentially next to nothing and buy them until you can afford every single item in MoP remix rather mindlessly grind everything daily to then mindlessly queue into raids that you’re declined from as you didn’t sit and murder frogs, dalaran guards or cranes for multiple hours a day.

How is poor, average 9-5 collection enthusiast Joe even supposed to complete MoP remix.

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I suppose the idea is that we have a few characters running through the content.
Mild conflict with the “wait until Cloak XII achievement” which is now a lot faster.

My educated guess is that daily scenario, dungeon, raid quests are character specific.

And that’s very similar to the SoD intention, try multiple classes, experiment, have fun.
Heck, create multiple of the same if you desire to play several roles.
It’s even practical if you aren’t Punyelf :wink: (pallies only) because you earn several ensembles on the go.

I was about level 30 today but I earned about 5000 bronze without trying.
That includes quests so it’s not scalable, but adding just one extra character would even be fun.

Lazy and unfair :clown_face:

Thanks for that clarification. I had forgotten the old bronze amount and thought it was now 8750 per cache, which would be a huge improvement. But 7000 extra bronze per day in total is good too. There is still plenty of bronze to collect for all the purchasable items. :smile: