WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Hotfixes -- 3 July

This realistically is not good enough.

Adjusting the amount of threads and bronze that we are able to gain by such a small amount is not going to keep players invested. This is supposed to be a fun event for players, and I imagine is also supposed to be a way to internally boost subscriptions, given the fact it spans three months.

Blizzard at this point should be aware that a good portion of the retail World of Warcraft community are quite toxic and elitist, myself included.

It is extremely unlikely to successfully run heroic and mythic difficulty raids without having multiple members of your group who spent hours at one of the various farms before they got nerfed, and as is the case on retail with the first couple of weeks of mythic plus, these people are now so far ahead that it will reach a point where you are permanently denied to most raids.

It will legitimately become preferrable to wait until the last month when people are selling bundled heroic boosts for essentially next to nothing and buy them until you can afford every single item in MoP remix rather mindlessly grind everything daily to then mindlessly queue into raids that you’re declined from as you didn’t sit and murder frogs, dalaran guards or cranes for multiple hours a day.

How is poor, average 9-5 collection enthusiast Joe even supposed to complete MoP remix.

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I suppose the idea is that we have a few characters running through the content.
Mild conflict with the “wait until Cloak XII achievement” which is now a lot faster.

My educated guess is that daily scenario, dungeon, raid quests are character specific.

And that’s very similar to the SoD intention, try multiple classes, experiment, have fun.
Heck, create multiple of the same if you desire to play several roles.
It’s even practical if you aren’t Punyelf :wink: (pallies only) because you earn several ensembles on the go.

I was about level 30 today but I earned about 5000 bronze without trying.
That includes quests so it’s not scalable, but adding just one extra character would even be fun.

Lazy and unfair :clown_face:

Thanks for that clarification. I had forgotten the old bronze amount and thought it was now 8750 per cache, which would be a huge improvement. But 7000 extra bronze per day in total is good too. There is still plenty of bronze to collect for all the purchasable items. :smile:

Ya know, a lot of folks are really busting their tails to upgrade gear (honestly, and without frogs). It seems rather shabby for Blizzard to cut peoples efforts off at the knees and not let them take all that effort into the new expansion. If you do the work to get over 500 gear or whatnot, you should be able to keep a compatible set. In fact, why not make this a way to build characters with custom class gem options? That, and a much more variable barber shop option might be a good way to bring your game forward into more modern gaming.

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May 29, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Endgame tuning adjustments have been made to Heroic Scenarios, Heroic Dungeons, and Normal Raids so that they increase in power more slowly between levels 60 and 70. Heroic and Mythic raids have been adjusted so there is a smoother transition between them.
  • Players who completed the Pearlfin Jinyu questline can now bring Lesser Charms of Good Fortune to Elder Lusshan for additional reputation.
  • Players who completed the Forest Hozen questline can now bring Lesser Charms of Good Fortune to Chief Kah Kah for additional reputation.
  • Fixed a bug that inadvertently capped the maximum stats that can be gained on a Cloak of Infinite Potential. That cap has been removed.
  • Shado Pan Assault reputation earned per boss kill increased to 1000 (was 300). This amount is available daily.
  • Elder Great Turtles and Ancient Spineclaws have migrated back to the Timeless Shore, which should benefit players who are just Killing Time.
  • Illusion: Sha Corruption can now be destroyed by players who have already learned it elsewhere.
  • Adjusted and tuned several gem effects:
    • Arcanist’s Edge absorb amount (that can be converted into damage) has been doubled.
    • Fervor health amounts (that can be converted into damage) has been doubled.
    • Righteous Frenzy damage dealt to targets increased to 2% per second (was 1%).
      • Developers’ notes: This should give healers a bit more to do while optimizing their group’s damage, and it should make some gem combinations even more interesting.
    • Searing Light collected healing points increased to 10% (was 7%).
    • Slay cannot critically strike.
      • Developers’ notes: Slay still hits for the player’s entire health amount, and will remain an incredibly powerful option.
    • Ward of Salvation no longer applies a heal absorb. It has been reworked so that the caster’s heals are duplicated as an absorb shield, but not other sources of healing.
      • Developers’ notes: Ward of Salvation will remain a powerful way for healers to deliver some additional damage, but should not trivialize the most difficult raid encounters.

May 28, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • On Friday, May 24, the following changes were deployed:
    • There are now three new quests that grant Bronze to player-characters upon reaching levels 50, 60, and 70.
    • The new quests are only available to player-characters who did not kill many Gulp Frogs during the first three days of the event.
    • Player-characters who killed many Gulp Frogs during the first days of the event have been modified. The power of their Cloak of Infinite Potential was reduced to an amount that a very engaged player could reasonably achieve.

Is there a similar Dragonflight Hotfix post. I’m especially interested in one concerning Guild Achievements. After all I am paying for a game that has been broken since the last patch. When will Blizzard Hotfix these issues ?

Bad attitude from a bad company. You lost your way Blizzard.
You advertised remix with “unlimited power” and “fun” yet only frog exploiters get all these.
Congrats your messing up what could have been a big win for you.

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Devs get median gear (~i400?) and go clear SoO HC. Then maybe you will understand why people are pissed.

Joining casual “be overpowered” game mode, I don’t want to spend 2 hours in raid, bosses taking 3+ minutes, where you need to know mechanics proper or you get oneshot => raid wipes => falls apart soon. (raids got really toxic). All that after everyone in the raid played for days spending bronze on gear. (i420+ raid)

Stuff that was casual fun yesterday, just log in and chill. Only very few bosses needed proper attention. Were you wiping because people didn’t know mechanics? Someone explained them and the boss died. People learned, minimum toxicity.

Ward nerf, sure whatever. But what were you thinking buffing HCs? We now do way less damage, and stuff has more HP?

And on top you announce that the “fun” mode won’t be proper alt friendly, bcs no way anyone casual will get to gear even second character to do raids.


can we have an explination as to why some vendors dont sell any rep items like u listed that shadow pan rep will be increased to 1000 but what is the point when the reputation vendors are deleted and or dont sell anything at the moment … like wow u increased rep gain that gets u nothing to grind ,…

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can we have an explination or something on wether the rep vendors not existing or not selling stuff is intentional or whats going on there …

You can (should) keep the character and buy stuff when the event ends.

I’m someone who never posts anything on foruns or any other platform but I have to do it now regarding all of the adjustments that have been done to this event.
Advertised as giving us the ability to be overpowered it is completely unthinkable the latter decisions made to this. The only joy I found was being able to one shot everything and feel like the true Boss in the raid. Don’t get me wrong, having challenges and setbacks is also fun but we have retail for that. The upgrade costs are extremely expensive and now you dont even feel like it is worth it because the adjustments go in a direction opposite of the one that drives you to upgrade your gear.
Why nerf ward strat? Why make Boss scale with iLvl (that is outrageous, feeling weaker after spending a new mount worth of bronze). This is not supposed to be a challenge, a Boss fight is not supposed to take 5mins here, and for What I’ve talked to other players, we’d much rather Kill every Boss in 10secs than 3-5mins. Besides I dont intend to be watching guides on how to do mists bosses, tired of that in retail.

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May 30, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Righteous Frenzy can no longer be cast on non-party members.
  • In the Throne of Thunder Dark Animus encounter, the increased damage and attack speed by Anima Golems casting Acceleration Link has been reduced to 100% per stack (was 250%).
  • In the Throne of Thunder Iron Qon encounter, Storm Cloud should no longer deal extreme damage to players.
  • In A Brewing Storm, Viletongue Skirmishers’ Viletongue Sting now reduces healing by 60% (was 90%).
  • Fixed a bug that unintentionally added additional enemy health for highly geared players against Heroic raid bosses.
    • Developers’ notes: In combination with previous recent hotfixes, this should result in health and damage versus Heroic raid bosses being as intended for players of higher and lower item levels, so that players of mixed item levels can have a better experience playing together. Overall, players with higher item levels should do greater damage and have greater survivability.

Can we get any statements on the Froggers nerfs? I got unfairly hit and im just being told it has been evaluated carefully.

The support doesnt help me after many tickets, on reddit you get downvoted to hell…

There have been many reports like mine but still no feedback at all about the situation after a week.

Please @Linxy and @Kaivax try to keep in touch with the community please, the only posts i see are hotfix notes. It would really help to get a statement on this, if you are working on it.

If this is going to be how you want to leave things it will personally be my last time I pay for a blizzard game. Its really sad to not even have any humans anymore in support

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finally… lol

June 3, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Mini Mana Bomb (Horde) and Theramore Tabard (Alliance) are now available from Horos at any Infinite Bazaar for players who have completed Theramore’s Fall for their given faction on any Timerunner.
    • Developers’ notes: There is no more need to complete it at exactly level 35.
  • Fixed an issue where some steps of the Infinite Power achievements could be skipped for players.
  • Tuft of Yak Fur, am I right? Now they stack.

Patiently waiting for tusks to be fixed

Not the fix that we want! GIVE US MORE BRONZE! Reduce the upgrade cost! Make the cloak completly account wide without a cap!

Stop working on stuff that is not important and do the stuff the Community is crying for !

still not wanting to communicate with the community about what went wrong with the frogger nerf?

Why do we have community mangers? What is their task if not bridging the gap between developers and player?
If thats not what they are doing maybe they should change their titles…

@kaivax @linxy can you please talk to us?

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