WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Hotfixes -- 3 July

Patiently waiting for tusks to be fixed

Not the fix that we want! GIVE US MORE BRONZE! Reduce the upgrade cost! Make the cloak completly account wide without a cap!

Stop working on stuff that is not important and do the stuff the Community is crying for !

still not wanting to communicate with the community about what went wrong with the frogger nerf?

Why do we have community mangers? What is their task if not bridging the gap between developers and player?
If thats not what they are doing maybe they should change their titles…

@kaivax @linxy can you please talk to us?

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Wow tuft of yak hair stacks wow. I am blown away at you qol change amazing. Any chance of actually making any meaningful change while i still semi care about this gamemode, buff bronze, sort reps, buff threads. Make it fun like you promised give us are 1:1 ratio cloak back for alts lower upgrade cost for alts. Sort your game you fools. Honestly i know your going to do a pluderstorm and fix all this with a week or 2 left but ill be gone by then long gone.

Its so stupid they promised unlimted broken powerful characters we could have fun on and all we got was grinds on grinds on grinds. Stupid company idiot devs and just a sad creation that had all the potential to be amazing squandered because of the fun police.

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Great, now that you are fixing small stuff,
mind enabling for Druid;
- Tome of the Wilds: Flap
- Tome of the Wilds: Treant Form
- Tome of the Wilds: Mount Form (stag form, enables ground form in flying areas)

Hunters get Play Dead and Fetch from Nostwin,
but Druids barely get the Stars glyph, an entirely visual thing?

Its bad enough that we need to wait 30 levels to fly as druid (lvl 40 master flight),
when we get mounted flying from lvl 10 (Dracthyr flying lvl 10 too)…,
but these tomes,
especially Flap and Mount,
enable carrying other players (without class order hall bird),
or avoiding fall damage (something Dracthyr and Demon Hunters get baseline).
(Flap also lets us stay atop the water, not having to transform and swim)

Give druids our tomes back lol

June 6, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Found the missing Sky Admiral Rogers and returned her to her post so that players can continue “Onward and Inward”.
  • Chelon now spawns as expected on the Timeless Isle.

Cool, when tusks?


cool, when any answer to anything in the forum?

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June 11, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Players who are holding the Tusks of Mannoroth cosmetic item on their non-plate wearing characters will now see an option on Pythagorus at any Infinite Bazaar to trade their item for a version that they can use to learn the Tusks of Mannoroth appearance for plate characters on their account.

June 12, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Bronze Cache values increased by 100%.
    • Minor Bronze Cache (250 → 500)
    • Lesser Bronze Cache (500 → 1000)
    • Bronze Cache (750 → 1500)
    • Greater Bronze Cache (1250 → 2500)
  • Spools of Eternal Thread stat gain increased by 200%.
    • Minor Spool of Eternal Thread (20 → 60)
    • Lesser Spool of Eternal Thread (50 → 150)
    • Spool of Eternal Thread (100 → 300)
    • Greater Spool of Eternal Thread (180 → 540)
  • Emperor Shaohao reputation increased by 700%.

cool I guess, but really helpful would be acc wide cloak acc wide bronze and reduced upgrade cost for alts.

cause afterall this was supposed to be about alts and the way it is right now it is just terrible


Really wish they would just make the %XP increase cloak effect also affect Bronze gained, even if it has a 1:10 modifier or something.

Any information about the Kirin Tor Offensive / Sunreaver Onslaught reputation? :slight_smile:

Seems like that one is the only Remix achievement that doesn’t have any kind of rep increase, just the same as on retail.

June 18, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Ensemble: Trailseeker’s Laminar Armor (White) now grants the correct set.

June 21, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Fixed an issue causing Echo of Light from Holy Priest to scale incorrectly when there’s a level disparity.

On part of many in the Remix forums, alot of us would like to port our characters to retail early, particularly for the pre-patch so we can enjoy that come the end of July. Please can we get some ideas on how this can be implemented and for this to be fed back to the devs. I’d also ask them to go and look and see how most threads now are asking for this, as it is a much requested change.

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Indeed. That and the weapon arsenals. Admittedly I have not really been active on these forums before Remix started so I can’t say that I know how things are supposed to be around here, but with a title like Community Manager, I would assume that some sort of communication with the community would be happening, not just posting patch notes. It has been very clear that they actually are actively listening to the player feedback when it comes to Remix so far, but it doesn’t exactly show on the forums. A simple “We’re looking into it” or “Never gonna happen, sorry” for both pre-patch transfers and weapon arsenals would be very much appreciated.


Good question :slight_smile:

July 3, 2024

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Fixed several issues with the achievement Elusive Foes: Timeless Isles.

Weapon vendor

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