WOW should never abandone or move out from difficult raids

Idk but i’m a bit concerend for wow raids after this Aberrus raid … it seems like the devs doesnt want anymore to create high diffcult raids like wow has always have (supp because of the ‘casuals’) but this is not true… I think the reason is because the raid devs are a bit out of touch of the real state or diffculty issue of the currents raids in wow… or they listening too much to “casuals” voices around the internet via Twitch, YT. I’ve played wow since catalcysm 4.0.6 and I experienced amazing raids that expansion such as BOT, BWD, Legion raids, etc. (TOS nr. 1 ) and I had a lot of fun. and I thnk that raider devs should be let to create difficult and challenging raids every expansion and season because that made wow i.m.o. a top tier MMORPG… I mean … imo . the best MMORPG should cover everything from casual aspects, rolepalying to very diffcult content like wow does and also ff14 with ultimate raids… I think that mythic difficuty should be very challenging to get in and I hope that devs (Morgan) would understand this and stop being so out of touch about it… if they dont want the game to just vanish

Unsure this belongs in the silvermoon server forum, but since it is, I shall give my 2 cents on the topic.

Personally I am happy with the difficulty of the raid as it is, however do note, I don’t raid CE, and have no desire to invest the time required for this.

Statistically, the harder the raid content, the fewer people interact and engage with that content, this has been true from a historical perspective (Nax40, SWP etc) and a modern perspective (Sepulcher). While I am sure each era had it’s own reasons why numbers were the way they are it is a very significant trend that exists and is simply 100% true (bellular did an extensive research video on this topic a while ago) so the premise “harder content means more people will play/keep playing” is false.

As per and the hall of fame, currently 160 guilds have gotten CE so far this tier, 6 weeks after it came out, and those are typically many days a week/dayraiding guilds.
14047 guilds have killed the 1st boss in Aberrus in Heroic and 7509 of these heroic guilds have also killed Sarkareth Heroic.
Only 4117 have done the 1st boss in Mythic, so there is plenty of room for the “average” guild to grow and improve still with the current difficulty.

From a developer point of view, there is 0 point in spending a ton of resources (read money) to make a difficulty harder than it is now, the juice just ain’t worth the squeeze as they say.

On a side note, we had a “hardcore raiding mmo” once upon a time called Wildstar, one of the many “WoW-killers” and it flopped and failed. There simply is no market big enough for this kind of player and, again in my opinion, they are perfectly well served in WoW’s mythic raids and unless you push yourself to a world top 3 ranking, you always have room to grow as a player.

I understand the desire for hard and difficult games, but that need is often better fullfilled in single player games (Souls like games etc) or smaller scale co-op games.

This reply was longer than I initially thought it would be lol
Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk

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