Wow token buy s


I bought a wow token for 20 euros a week and I did not activate it every day, and the program wanted to withdraw money from me but I could not because I bought the token and now I do not let me play with the cigar to activate because it is so not a state. Either they are activating themselves and I ask for compensation. Thanks for one of their customers


You bought a WoW token, didn’t activate it and wanted to use it in order to add more game time?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought you had to buy a WoW token through the auction house in order to use it for game time? It sounds like you bought one from the in-game store instead, which can only be redeemed for gold.

WoW tokens obtained from the store with euros cannot be used as game time. WoW tokens bought from the Auction House using gold can be used as game time.



Dvaronan is correct. The WoW tokens you buy from the online store are used to sell on the Auction House for Gold. If you want to use Gold to purchase a WoW token, you can do so from the auction house (or from the character selection screen, if you have enough gold.

If you just want to purchase gametime, you can do so here.

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