Wraithchill bugged for dh's ?

Hey everyone,
The wraithcill appearance seems to be bugged for demon hunter for some reason, whenever I fight or use abilities, the appearance wears off the weapons, I checked it with other weapon tmogs, and it’s still happanes.
I checked the appearance on my warrior and whenever i fight or use abilities the appearance sticks to the weapons.
Any other demon hunters having the same issues with it?

Hey Warbinder,

there are a few abilities, spells and items, that can cause the Wraithchill effect to disappear momentarily, from your weapons. This is currently under investigation!

It’s not only on DH’s. All abilities that cause the weapon to glow or change color in one shape or form cause the enchant to vanish.
Howling blast, immolation aura, fell rush, storm strike
just to name a few.

it’s just sad that the enchant wasn’t tested propperly before selling. Realy sad indeed.


Bullseye, this is the main problem with Blizzard products these days.

This should be fixed shortly since they know of the problem. I have experienced disappearing wraithchill on dk as well (unholy)

It still doesn’t work as intented.
My solution: Refunding – So the issue doesn’t effects you any more.

But the refund only works out if you do it before the free month kicks in, didn’t used the 120 boost and didn’t unlocked the transmog set. Otherwise – You used the product so you can’t refund.

How are we doing on this? Been a few weeks now with absolutely no information from Blizzard, so if you could update us that would be great.

Selling (practially) an enchant for $80 only for it to not work at all, is borderline scam is it not? If this isn’t fixed shortly I am going to start a credit card dispute as the product I have paid for has not been delivered?

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I have used all of that, and my main is a Demon Hunter. Every single fight I am in, I use Immolation Aura - every single time, even before boss fight starts. This means the enchant is absolutely useless for my class, and I haven’t used it. I have not got the mog set, as I don’t care and I have mounted the mount maybe 3 times, I have never summoned the pet.

I paid $80 for the enchant and the enchant only, I couldn’t care less about the other perks. If Blizzard can’t make a complete product, they shouldn’t be selling it. Easy as. Credit card dispute coming up shortly if this isn’t fixed soon.

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