Wrath of the Lich King Classic Hotfixes - Updated 18 November

Fix the queues, I won’t be a paying customer for no service. We had a deal.


Why not fix the random disconnections we get from your crappy server hosting?

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Blizzard doesn’t care. They’ve become the worst company on this timeline. To be honest I would feel ashamed to work for an organization that treats their customers rhis badly.

+1 to be active on the forum

Please let me create GUILD EVENTS in the in game calendar. Really sucks to invite my mates one by one…

Here are today’s hotfixes for Wrath Classic:


Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Whirlwind animations, such as the Warrior’s Whirlwind and a Rogue’s Fan of Knives, will now appear while moving (was only while standing still).
  • Druid
    • Track Humanoids will no longer activate when shapeshifting into Cat Form if Find Minerals, Find Fish, or Find Herbs is already active.
  • Rogue
    • Fixed an issue where Overkill would be applied and immediately removed on rogues who did not know that talent.
  • True to their vocation, Argent Outfitters will now exchange Necrotic Runes for armor and other items in Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, and Silvermoon City. They will make their way to the Undercity once enough Scourge have been defeated across Azeroth.
  • During the quest “City of Light,” Khadgar’s Servant will now continue giving its tour even if the player is not nearby.
  • Zombies are no longer unstoppable by benefitting from Preparation at the start of battlegrounds. Alterac Valley weekend is saved!
  • Gathering nodes will now have a sparkling visual effect when being tracked.
  • Fixed an issue where Group Finder activity level ranges were not correct. They should now more closely match the levels of the Meeting Stones for those dungeons.
  • Players can now list and browse the Group Finder for dungeons that are below their level.
  • Latency and other performance information is now visible in the tooltip of the Game Menu button.
  • Players can now report character friends.
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Will there be fixes for the “looking for more” achivments? For that you need to finish dungeons with Group finder with atleast 10 (and later on more) ppl. Currently this achievement is unobtainable without group finder.

I have a bug where after getting a loading screen (log off/on, enter dark portal or use heartstone) my ‘Find minerals’ is turned off. This is quite annoying and don’t know how many Fel iron ore nodes i’ve missed because of this bug

Can we have a fix for the divine Storm animation? Please give us the real WRATH Flashy divine storm


SEPTEMBER 13, 2022

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Players may now queue for Battlegrounds from anywhere, without having to speak to a Battlemaster. Queue up via the Battlegrounds tab on the PvP menu.
  • Players that are logged off inside a dungeon instance when it is reset will now log back into the nearest graveyard.
  • Resolved an issue where a Druid could appear to have two copies of Leader of the Pack active.
  • Death Knight’s Ghoul from Raise Dead will now resummon when dismounting after flying.
  • Survival Hunter’s Lock and Load effect should now trigger correctly.
  • Players will now get nibbles when their fishing levels are too low for the area.
  • Fixed an issue where using certain items carried over from Burning Crusade Classic (e.g. Darkmoon cards) would delete the entire stack.

So no fix for the firemaw lag?


Actually a joke how they are completely ignoring the firemaw lag atm, HOW can a server that is in no way or shape the biggest atm be lagging worse than much larger servers, still no word why firemaw is in the state as it is, and dont bring up the American GM post, THERE IS NO QUEUE ON FIREMAW so either they are experimenting with the server or intentionally throttling it to get people to transfer away.

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So basically after 10 years i decide to play again this game, to PAY again, TO PLAY. BUT I HAVE TO LAG on firemaw, since 10 days, 10 DAYS, and i paid for 30 days, while you do ANYTHING about it. Cool. Eventually you’ll gift at least 1 month of gametime, as apologize, i’ll consider continuing playing, otherwise, i think i’ll avoid playing again. Gotta say that you’re really good at keeping customers, well done!

Fix firemaw lag…

Players may now queue for Battlegrounds from anywhere, without having to speak to a Battlemaster.

If you are mounted as you enter, it will dismount you as you leave causing you to fall if on a flying mount

buggy for me

fix firemaw lag…

Any AH fix? Only been broken for 3 weeks now

SEPTEMBER 15, 2022

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Fixed an issue that caused the freeze visual effect to never expire.
  • Argent Dawn vendors for the Scourge Invasion can no longer be put into combat by players “at war” with them.
  • The loot table for Blue Sack of Gems now only includes loot from Onyxia’s Lair, as intended.

Fix the thorium respawn rate in un’goro, it’s waaay too high, it’s mental.