WW buffs are a joke

10% Tiger Palm buff and 10% Fist of the White Tiger buff sound like an out of season april’s fool’s joke. Tiger Palm does 700 damage, so with this massive buff it will do 770, multiply these by 3 you will get blackout kick’s damage. The problem with WW ST lies not in Tiger’s Palm or Fist of the White Tiger damage, its within lack of ANY class interactions between all the systems existing in game (including tier set) with monk’s abilities. Overall WW gets around 3.5% ST buff which brings it close to a blood dk level. I wish we could get something like Transfer the Power artifact trait or at least inner fury conduit buff to make Fists of Fury do reasonable damage so people dont cancel it. There are so many ability interactions which WW has lost over the patches, it is a shame blizzard doesn’t bring them back to the game and just gives us a flat %increase as if it solves the problem.


just accept that you are the reverse feral. no ST but monster AoE

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monster AoE like wl(2 specs), hunter(2specs), mage, guardian druid, warry?

Its fine they will recognize our biggest problem right now. But couldn’t have they changed the 4 pc? Like only spending the proccs on wdp, rsk, ff? I think it was discussed during the ptr already that we will get into trouble…

The latest hotfix seems like a late april’s joke, the monk’s part of.
The dmg increase barely noticable. Meanwhile a 20 ilvl lower enha shammy, without tierset bonus do same or higher dps…
But it’s okay guys heads up, be positive, with full t set bonus our expel harm deal +22% moar dmg.

The 22%dmg buff doesnt work on expel harm and you can use it if u are chi short during 22%buff window. Just to straight that uo.

But yes. Be we do tank dmg now. Not even that much more in aoe anymore.

it’s funny when i see ww monks crying xD

Meanwhile in pvp i am getting destroyed by them

most of the recent buffs had a “not in pvp” flag. So it might be due to another reason that you lose to ww :smiley:

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