Ww/DH/hpala need help

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So we ran this comp. Went 10-0 so far so good. The ran into the cancer spam of destro warlock resto druid. I just dont know how we can counter especially druid teams. They end up with 1mill healing more than our paladins, have full hots rolling and thorns to stop all our goes amd stands at full range nourish spamming. Its a struggle because imprison paralysis and repentance all dr, and our stuns dr. Would it improve THAT much changing pala to druid?

Also destro locks. They stand in the open with their ele shaman or boomy partners. They triangle us at a pillar so one is always in LOS to damage and force us into open and root inferanal chaos bolt to death. They dont seem a viable kill target with the inevitable resto druid healing plus demon armour. And if the cc him and go on the partner there is little cc for the druid.

Literally all our loses were rdruid healer and destro locks, apart from triple maledict losses (none of us have it yet)

Im not here to cry for nerfs, im here for any constructive feedback on how to beat these teams. Do we simply not compete against rdruids? Or not compete without triple maledict?

Help me please

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