WW Torghast Nonsense

We really do have it way too easy in Torghast, huh? I just had 4 stacks of Corrosive Dosage and I was literally pulling entre rooms and just not dying. There are so many really powerful Anima Powers that it’s hard to get “bad luck” with them.

Then I log on my Paladin, for example, and it’s just nowhere near as fun xD

Try Twisting Corridors without any HP increases. You can definitely have bad luck with powers :slight_smile:


To be fair I don’t really enjoy Torghast, I only do it for the Soul Ash :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t feel like there’s much reason to do the Twisting Corridors.

A failed twisting yesterday on ilvl190 mistweaver. 3 was easy as hell, and suddenly on layer 4 I found myself with only one corrosive dosage, and only 15% hp buff. Now with the pityful healing of vivify and the low hp it was impossible, however I managed to get to level 17. There goes 2 hour of my life…
So even with CD you need at least 4-5 to do op damage and you can still die, without cocoon or stacked (2-3) celestials.

Of all the classes I tried twisting, my 200ilvl nightfae guardian with balance affinity was the strongest. It was like playing doom with iddqd idkfa.

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