Xal'atath questline not available?

(Archronos) #1

So, this questline is supposed to be started from a drop called Azsharan Medallion, which drops from the Naga during the Naga Attack! world quest.

However i’ve been farming it quite long enough to assume that this is either bugged and not dropping, or simply not available yet since the raid isn’t available as of yet.

Does anyone have any more info on this? Because i’ve been searching οn wowhead for quite sometime and haven’t found anything about it.

(Someoneelse) #2

This is what i was looking forward too. I suspect it will be unlocked closer to the raid opening since it’s linked to that.

(Archronos) #3

What a bummer :frowning:

Can’t wait to embrace all the tenta-
the gift of our saviour.

(Kaivax) #4

Confirmed – the beginnings of this questline will start appearing closer to the opening of the Crucible of Storms raid in April.

(Archronos) #5

Thanks for the confirmation, much appreciated.

(Danellos) #6

Thanks for confirming, Kaivax <3

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