Yogg Saron is the Death entity?

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Just wondering. What is the possibilities of the Death entity, the one who whispered Sylvanas’s name to Vol’jin’s ear being Yogg saron?
I heard that there is a removed quest at the time of 7.0 where we go to Ulduar and Yogg saron was sort of active there. He is also related to Death as he calls himself the God of Death. So yeah what is the possibilities?


It’s entirely possible. Especially if you consider that there are rumours/hints of ALL Old Gods being revived soon.

Although we were told by Eyir that it was a force of Valor.


Old gods are shadow entities, not death. Different planes.


though it seems like yogg saron could manipulate dead things, like whit the undead going mad in northrend becuse they came to close to saronite, so it is plausible he can to some extent manipulated even the dead, though normaly it has been like the old gods hate the undead, becuse they can not controll them.


On the contrary, the Undead seemed to be immune to Yogg-Saron’s whispers. It is why the Scourge were able to exploit Saronite and mine it with impunity, using it extensively in their arms, armour and structures. On the contrary, whenever we see mortal beings spend too much time in its proximity they go insane - as is the case with the NPC’s in Ymirheim and the Dwarves in Howling Fjord. And, I believe, Alliance characters can hear [Strange Whispers] during a mission into a Scourge-infested mine in Wintergarde where they’re digging up Saronite.

That said, he may still be able to manipulate dead things. We have seen from Ner’zhul and the Shadowmoon Orcs that the Void is quite capable of raising Undead. As is Fel. And also, apparently, the Light in the case of Cahla Menethil. So who knows what’s going on right now regarding Undeath…


This could be Helya. Sylvanas entered into a pact with her and has been providing souls in return for something she can give. This could be more Valkyr or something else entirely.


No. The Death realm is enemy to the Void Realm. Yogg’saron claims to be the God of Death, but I think it’s just a figurative speech.


No, he is not. Just because some developer named him that and he calls himself that, there is zero evidence of that being the case.
It’s like saying that Deathwing is Death incarnate because he has Death in his name. No. It’s silly. There was always only one Death-God or God of Death and its the Lich King.

It’s not Helya either, since she is trapped and imprisoned within Helheim, nowhere near as powerful as the Lich King nor is here reach.
Helya is alot like Bwonsamdi, but most likely a bit more powerful. But it’s not certain.

Sylvanas ultimate goal as to be to either allow someone with the power to tranform her into a Val’kyr (Eyir, Helya(?) and the Lich King).
I think Sylvanas sent Nathanos to search for Helheim. He and Sylvanas will use the Black Blade against her now when she is not fully empowered and thereby take her place as the Queen of the Val’kyr, with Helya’s power she can even transform herself into a Val’kyr Goddess. But is it worth it?
Being trapped there, or does she intend to walk out of there with all that power and come for the living? Especially Stormwind.


really do we know if helya is not more powerfull then lich king? lich king is more established for sure, but i dont think weve ever been told quite what she is capable of Helya. Though regardless she certainly isnt weak.

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