You cannot post links in your post



EDIT: seems like I can post links in this category. But, can’T delete my post?

EDIT2: Seems like I can post links with lowercase letters (, but not with uppercase (Battle net)

(Croecell) #2

Its not a bug, you have to get to trust level 3 for most sites.

Apart from youtube and a few other select sites.


so, I can link, but cannot link Battle[.]net XÐ

(Croecell) #4

here’s what you can do at each trust level;

Trust level 1;

  • Post more than 3 Topics
  • Post more than 10 Replies
  • Edit Wiki Posts
  • Flag Posts

Trust level 2;

  • Create Links to trusted Websites
    (Blizzard, YouTube, Twitch etc.)
  • Create Video Embeds
  • Increased Like Count

Trust level 3;

  • Post Images
  • Create Links to any Website
  • Create Wiki Posts

it may be programmed that is the “trusted” site whereas the same but with capitals isn’t.