You guys need your pacifiers

To all you warlock babies who cried over the nerfs. Nothing has changed. All three specs are still S tier and you’re still Blizzards favorite child.
The amount of times I’ve seen people cry even in general chat that warlock is dead in the ground after the nerfs really made me wonder if it’s that bad. Nope.
You’re all just a bunch of drama queens.
Grats on being the best class to play yet again.

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Thanks i guess ?

You do know how to look at class rankings for vault, mythic and pvp before you post your rubbish.

Now tell me what that nasty warlock did to you?


Definitely ate a few Chaos bolts in arena :laughing:

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Imagine flaming at players cause of dev. changes. You ok hun?
S++ tier here reporting for duty
(dont forget to check the mmr at the end of the match)

and if ure talking about pve then i agree
imagine crying about scripted npcs lol

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