You just kill dh class, i swap to warrior

After checking new changes to dh iam confident that it will be useless and much weaker than other dps. Serrated blade isn’t buffing eye beam damage anymore and this is after a previous nerf to eye beam…darkness which is already a poor defensive ability gets a nerf to 15 sec. lol. Some dumb changes to immolation aura which is not even a decent ability to use and needed only for power boost. More talents to make fel rush as a damage important ability while it is used only for mobility purposes…like what is this meme even
GG for killing havoc dh, ima swapping to warrior for zug zug oneshots and you keep dh dead for pvp

the grass is always greener on the other side

ye, and mortal strike always hits more than useless, nerfed to ground eye beam :smiling_imp:

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