You'll still be crying after the nerf

I checked the nerfs and it’s not even that bad, it’s mostly on modifiers and talents that will make a small difference. This also opens the door to switch to other powerful talents. You complainers just want ret to go back to being a free kill like you got so used to, but Blizzard disagrees. Ret is viable from now on and it’s time to get used to it.


hurry u got few more days to get free 2.4
jk ur unable to get it even with ret this broken.


this dude is still 1k on SS with retri…imagine


Calm down crybaby it’s not like you could get any lower in shuffle.


I doubt Blizz will keep us viable for long honestly. When ret is strong it never lasts long, we always tumble back to the bottom with heavy handed nerfs. 10.1 is make or break for this new ret. If they have to change the core instead of just tune us down we’ll be back to where we were in 10.0. In wheel chairs.

Sheesh, you managed to pull out negative winrate on ret Vinzoru with it’s probably most broken version. Nerfs are already live so it’s all downhill from now on. Hang in there buddy.

wait blizzard did something according feedback? what kind of sorcery? :eyes:

imagine if they listened the feedback from ptr to begin with so we wouldnt have people climbing past challengers first time to their lives hitting 2.5-3k in 2 days

insert that would be great meme

The nerf is already live and we’re still dominating. Does it enrage you?

u havent dominated yet.
how can u even tell?

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why you keep changing the dominating to viable and viable to dominating

i mean you arent dominating anyone everyone can see that, but viable you can be and i dont know why anyone would be annoyed by something be viable :slight_smile:

No it doesn’t. How do you feel about me playing ret for a first time after a decade and pulling out better cr than you tho?

P.S Nerf rets more and buff caster holy pally.

They’ve been quite good with that so far during DF, especially when the pvp community overreacts often, so they really do deserve more credit as of late

what? are you off your rocks :joy:

what part of this is “doing a good job” in your mind, they certainly do not deserve single bit of credit for this

you just completely ignored the fact that they did not listen any feedback from players from ptr related retri and then you contradict the fact claiming that they would listen player feedback “quite good” according to you

your deranged

‘Execution Sentence hit you for 279,070’ I don’t think you guys are ready for whats coming next…

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Nope, but I have been paying attention to their consistent changes during DF, have you not?

DF is more than this week, did you fail at reading my rather simple post?

I didn’t contradict myself one bit, I spoke of an overall experience of DF, you for some reason only speak of the retri rework, if you read my post, you’d even have seen that.

See, DURING DF, reading isn’t hard Alythena, context matters, you need to learn how to read an entire post, and not inbetween lines that aren’t there.

Again, you really need to polish up your reading if you’re gonna try a got’cha game.

I’d imagine things can be misleading, if you fail at first grade reading comprehension

and exactly for that im saying that they arent doing a good job so far because i am playing the game which you clearly are not. do not reply to me again, i do not care read nothing this stupid or delusional

your whole presence on this forum lowers everyones iq with these stupid claims of yours that blizzard would be doing a good job tuning df and listening to player feedbacks jesus christ man

seriously, do not speak to me again ever. everything you reply to me onwards goes on block and report for trolling

ret still feels like pre-nerf but less heal


So consistent changes throughout an ongoing season is not a good job, when the alternative from many past experiences is way less?

Who is deranged now.

Pretty ironic coming from a guy that spends most posts brown nosing and rarely adding anything of use to ongoing conversations, but then again, at 1.1k shuffle games unable to push 1.8k, what could you possibly provide.

Oh woe is me, the incompetent druid blocked me, whatever shall I do.

But since you failed at your own first post regarding blocking, I’ll do you the honors.
Enjoy mass editing after being corrected.

they did many changes. a whole lot of them were stupid tho and that they released ret even for two days like this is unacceptable.

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