Your definition of 'good rp'

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I’m of the opinion that good roleplay happens when people are respectful of and considerate towards the people that they are roleplaying with. If I enjoy roleplaying with someone, then I’ll do what I can to make sure that they enjoy the roleplay as well. If I don’t enjoy roleplaying with someone, I just don’t roleplay with them. This is a hobby after all.

Does this person put a lot of value on the lore, and their immersion is easily broken by anything that doesn’t adhere to their perception of the lore? Okay, I’ll do what I can to play according to their perception of the lore.
Does that person want a chance to be a big bloody hero and do a lot of cool stuff? Okay, I’ll try my best to give them an opportunity to be the star of the show and have a spotlight over them.
Does this person like to avoid conflict when it comes to roleplaying? Sure, I’ll try to avoid causing any sort of fight, social or physical, at least for as long as they’re involved.
Does that person enjoy a more light-hearted and casual take on the setting, where the world of Warcraft isn’t particularly large or dangerous, and it’s just a campy walk in the park? I’ll try to cater to that.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the most nonchalant ‘Second Life roleplayer’ around or a deadly serious lore diehard that never goes out-of-character. If you’re respectful and considerate towards the people that you roleplay with, you’re a good roleplayer in my book.
I’ll only start whipping out accusations of ‘bad roleplayer’ if someone’s being disrespectful and discouraging towards the very people that they’re roleplaying with. Literally just stop roleplaying with them, man, and find something better to do with your time, if you’re not fond of how they’re roleplaying. No one’s holding a gun to your head and making you play with those people. Everyone’s got their own subscription and it’s up to them how they decide to use it.

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An aspect of good RP to me is to make the RP flow.
Which is why I keep my emotes and dialogue quick and simple.
I loathe having to wait several minutes to be slammed down with 3 paragraphs of emotes.
It just kills the RP flow for me and reads like a book, instead of immersing me in a living breathing world.

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Sounds like you love to sacrifice your own enjoyment on the altar of other people’s whims

Is the server crowd-funding your subscription or something

I think you’re generally just taking “good roleplay” to mean “being really nice”

Someone tripping over their feet to accommodate me doesn’t necessarily make their character more compelling / their ability to tell a story any better

Without paying some mind to risk there’s really no payoff to a lot of roleplay. Who cares if your character was part of a daring assault on (f/ex) Deathholme if they just went super saiyan instantly and bounced the various abominations off the walls

Who cares if your character is taken prisoner by the enemy faction during a campaign if they just say ((sorry, I don’t accept anything at all)) - everyone knows that they will wordlessly escape & the unfortunate souls who decided to roleplay the capture will in some ways be forced to RP accommodating that, even if it breaks their own character

Who cares if your character is a fearless anti-Sylvanas rebel when you know / roleplay in a way that makes it pretty obvious that your character has achieved CHIM and knows they can access the game console IC

and so on

t. pet peeves poster also

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Who said that I was sacrificing my own enjoyment by doing any of those things? My fun isn’t so fragile that it’s destroyed the moment I take a single step outside of my comfort zone. Besides, if they adhere to my definition of a good roleplayer, they’re more likely to take my preferences as a roleplayer into consideration, which leads to us finding a middle ground that we can both enjoy.

Or maybe I think that a compelling story can only be crafted with someone that I am able to respect and who respects me in turn. If either party lacks consideration for the other, that’s going to hurt the quality of any story that’s produced.

You’re welcome to disagree. After all, this thread’s about the subjective definition of ‘good rp.’

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I am dissapointed in all of you, you are all talking about “Good RP” but none of you have talked about the most important thing:

Did your mommas not raise you to be true RPers, are you all backwards folk who don’t eat their damn carrots?


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visual special fx

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Unless you have absolutely no preferences - which I do not believe is the case for even one sec - you are ultimately lowering your enjoyment (probably by a small amount, sure) by letting the other parties dedicate how an interaction goes

I mean if you offered me a choice between a crisp £50 and a less crisp £5 I’d enjoy the £50 more but I guess if I got the £5 it would be OK also

Yet compared to the 50 my enjoyment will have decreased. In the same way the weird hyperbole of heh… im really stoic… my enjoyment is not so easily broken… doesn’t mean that you’re not sacrificing something of what you’d like more because you’re not very assertive in terms of roleplaying with others

I think that is just wishful thinking

Yet in your example you’re the only one doing any respecting - rolling over to whatever tone / theme / whatever the other party favours:

Of course, I’m not disputing that. What I am disputing is that the highest form of roleplay comes exclusively from being nice

You are much nicer than me (going by posts alone) but I am of course a far better roleplayer


I have a slight other opinion that came to mind.
But - I do believe, it is difficult to judge what RP is good, or not.
Someone can say, being able to give a LOT of details in a profile/emote is good RP.
Someone saying ‘less is more’ can be better RP.
I think, I might be wrong, but ‘good’ RP is also a matter of perspective and point of view. And experience, of course!

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Let’s start with a basic example and say that a roleplayer has dyslexia. Everyone prefers reading something that’s written correctly, with the correct spelling and grammar, over something that has spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, right?
Does this mean that you would be sacrificing a degree of your enjoyment by roleplaying with a dyslexic roleplayer rather than a literate roleplayer? If the answer is yes, is this sacrifice of enjoyment a bad thing, and something that should be avoided? Personally, I don’t think that it is.

No one perfectly fits anyone else’s standards. There’s always going to be some degree of difference and the best way to deal with that is through tolerance and consideration for the people you play with, in my opinion. No one’s ‘really stoic’ just because they’re able to work around differences that they have with other people.

I was just using myself as an example, because of course I am going to try to adhere to what I believe is ‘good rp.’ But I’ll admit that I failed to communicate that properly.

The ‘highest form of roleplay’ is another kettle of fish entirely, I’m just saying what I think is required for good roleplay. And I’ll be honest, I’m not in a position to judge how good a person you are or how good a roleplayer you are, so I’m not even going to form an opinion on that.

Agree to disagree, since it’s getting way too late to discuss what is or isn’t good roleplay with strangers on the internet?

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I think it’s pretty cheap to bring up a neurological disorder when the discussion was about styles of roleplay in your own words:

You’re bringing up something completely different to shore up a point we aren’t really discussing

It’s incredibly insensitive to imply dyslexic people aren’t “literate roleplayers”

Some of the finest roleplayers I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with are dyslexic - and I don’t agree that making an occasional typo means someone is a. illiterate or b. unable to write a good character

Very weird stance to take

Yeah LOL apparently not …

In terms of this argument, it is basically interchangeable with “good roleplay”

It’s not an opinion but a fact instead

I am the da Vinci of RP

Justice… … never sleeps… …

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The definition of good RP is anything i approve and like. If you disagree with what i define as good RP you are simply wrong. Nothing to discuss

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Good RP must involve mages. Or elves. Or both.


Not Void Elves.

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It fits about as well as the choice between notes that you brought up above. A £50 and a £5 are both good, but you want the £5 less than the £50, so your enjoyment would be reduced if you ended up with the £5. This ties into that.

I’ll agree, a poor choice of word on my part. I couldn’t think of an appropriate antonym for ‘dyslexic.’ Sorry for any offence caused.

Some of the best roleplayers I’ve met and enjoyed roleplaying with have been dyslexic too. Yet I won’t deny that it would have been an even better roleplaying experience if they did not have dyslexia.

This ties into my fundamental point: I don’t believe that I’m sacrificing my enjoyment by roleplaying with anyone who is less than the ideal roleplayer. I think that it’s perfectly natural to be tolerant, understanding and considerate when it comes to the differences between you and the people you’re playing with, whether that difference is dyslexia or a style of roleplay.

In a perfect world, it would be really nice if the dyslexic people weren’t dyslexic and everyone roleplayed just like me. But it’s not a perfect world, and that’s okay, it doesn’t need to be. It’s not weird to adapt to the differences between yourself and the people around you, and to seek a common ground.

I clearly need to, before I make another mistake along the lines of ‘dyslexia = illiteracy.’ So you get the last word on this one.

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To me, it’s a really simple concept: if you roleplay with me, you’re a good roleplayer and I’m likely to enjoy the interaction no matter who you are. If you roleplay at me, I’ll walk off.

(Alryette) #53

Don’t do what I did and RP a chronomancer, then expect to find good chronomancer RP.

There IS some, and then you hear about others with booty portals or literal eldritch horrors living in their navels.

Set the bar is what I’m saying. Set that bar.

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Don’t be a self-insert and put away your IC CactusApple iPad with the browser homepage set to the wowwiki.


Weird takeaway, but okay.

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While taking responsibility for not just you but other people having a good time as well does make RP more enjoyable, and make an easier time for people, especially newcomers, feeling welcome, I feel this has much more to do with maturity, maturity in the sense of taking and feeling a responsibility for the RP community you are a part of as such, than it really has to do with what good RP is as such.

While it certainly can go hand in hand and might contribute to make RP more enjoyable for everyone involved (making compromises shouldn’t really effect your capability of being authentic if you know how to RP your character properly), it doesn’t really answer what good RP is, at least not interpreted as actual doing a great job playing the role of a character.

Though I guess “good RP” in citation, as in the title of this thread, has taken on the unfortunate meaning of weponizing ones definition of what proper RP is against other people who don’t adhere to the same principles, in which light I guess your post does still make sense in this discussion, opposing and offering a better alternative to that tendency.

But there’s still nothing wrong with having an actual opinion about what makes good RP, in the actual sense of the word, as long as you don’t feel that it entitles you to use it as a weapon.