Your favourite parts of Battle for Azeroth


For me, it’s just all of it, honestly. I can’t get bored of this expansion’s content. I love how dynamic the world and dungeons are, and the writing has never been better. It’s as if they suddenly hired an award winner author to work on the game’s lore. I know there are neigh sayers out there, but Blizzard, keep doing what you’re doing.

If you need any support whatsoever, your loving fan base is here to offer it. Some of them are quick to jump on the hate bandwagon whenever you have to make sacrifices, but they just don’t appreciate the amount of investment you’ve put into their abundant hours of game time over more than the last decade. Long live WoW, long live Blizzard and shame on all of those who spit on such a good and generous company.

Oh and thank you for the flying pig mount. We’ve needed one of those for years!

(Nefaryas) #2

My favourite part is the story and zones. It has captured me in a way legion never did.

Six months in and no breaks legion lost me at six weeks and I rarely stayed subbed longer than 2 or 3 months together.

Just redone the intro to bfa and still like it :smiley:

(Kooki) #3

As a casual player I rather like being able to get some decent gear without feeling like I have to go in the raids for it. I know it’s not a popular design choice among most though. hides :laughing:

I love the zones, story and music in BFA. Visually it’s the first expansion that I’ve enjoyed since MoP. I really didn’t enjoy orcs of WoD or demons of Legion all that much. :blush:

I quite enjoy Island expeditions cause they can be completed fast and there isn’t a lot of organisation needed to complete them, it’s mostly just pew pew pew the bad guys until it’s over. :laughing:

I like having content to do out in the world even if it is world quests. :wink:

(Vulrin) #4

PVP questionable but still fun

zones were great

story is being paced fairly

mog is as good as ever.

(Aeula) #5

Faction incursions. Though I’m glad I’m almost done grinding them. I feel like the layout and theme of the world quests in them is very strong.

(Lepanto) #6

M+. Best thing ever for people like me who can’t raid on a schedule

(Aylish) #7

Drustvar, and the general Alliance story which has nothing to do with faction war. And the music. I also really like the new raid encounters.

(Bloodlock) #8

The logout button.

No but seriously, i like the war campaign and Drustvar and Tiragarde for their theme.

(Halasibel) #9

I liked the fact that I could unsub and uninstall :slight_smile:

But Drustvar’s storyline was awesome.

(Kooki) #10

This thread made it a whole hour before the negativity arrived, well done. :laughing:

(Halasibel) #11

You are aware that OP is being ironic :wink: ?

(Meristu) #12

If I have to pick something, I must say the horde part of questing, maybe its not that great but compared to alliance keeping up with proudashians its gem … One location where you meet the raid boss, free a god and goldtusk inn is expansion on its own, then you have nazmir where again you meet raid boss and the epic GOB squad and zuldazar again epic battle, raid boss some chat with gods and they literally have quest “March of the Loa” … much more enjoyable and lot of fun …

(shh Horde Bias™)

(Iggwilv) #13

I’m enjoying it when I play…work commitments mean I only really play at weekends since BfA released…so basically I’m not ‘burnt out’.


Voldun doesn’t excite me but nazmir and zuldazar were excellent story zones.

I don’t grind them like crazy but I enjoy my weekly Islands they are just free and easy and give collectable stuff (no mounts yet but doing ok on the pets and toys)

And there is some good looking gear to collect.

Looking forward to brawlers guild and zandalari druids :heart:


How dare you.


Alliance side probably adventures with Flynn (i same time find him really funny and annoying) and that horse riding rink. Note, i am really bad at that horse stuff and can’t for the life of me to do the 300 points but it was something so new and refreshing it makes me happy.

Horde side Dolly and Dot song. And then in Nazmir that quest " Down by the riverside" with that whole conversation going on all the way but especially part where goblins see some undeads mobs and go like “Whoa whoa whoa! Nobody said we’d have to deal with undead” and the other one replies “We work with undead all the time you idiot!”.
This one (part about undead starts in 1:15):

(Halasibel) #17

I am sorry. I totally didn’t mean to.

We both love the current storytelling after all.


Escorting Flynn Fairwind as he drunkenly wanders around in circles :slight_smile:

(Duzurîx) #19

Well zones, music, dungeons and Jaina+Ashara warbringers.


My favorite part is that I don’t have to use all of my time searching for PvP vendors.