Your Latest Questions for the WoW Q&A -- Ask Here!

Now that you’ve seen much more detail about the next major content update – Chains of Domination – we want your questions for the WoW Q&A. Submit your questions here and then join us tomorrow at 20:00 GMT / 21:00 CET for the Q&A at BlizzConline.

What more do you want to know about Chains of Domination?

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Mate, an hour won’t be enough to answer our other questions and our questions about the new stuff.

This Q&A will probably be a massive disappointment.


What are the actual requirements for the pathfinder, where can we fly and can we fly from area to area (for example from Ardenweald to Oribos)?


Deep dive into Valor Points.

Caps on PVP gear for PVE?


Are we going to get new character customizations in the upcoming patch?


Will Anima earned be increased at any point?

Will a secondary Covenant for your character ever happen?


Same as the other thread.
Can we skin the maw intro?


The aoe cap didn’t solve any kind of class balance issue in the current patch, if anything, it made it worse for m+. It’s also doesn’t improve the gameplay experience at all, its just frustrating not being able to hit every pulled mob with “aoe” abilities. Is there any plan on either changing it or even removing it?


Why can’t we obtain 226-233 gear from m+ with a proper scaling and why can’t you make the pre 9.0.5 stuff valor-able ? We are farming now for nothing.

You know 220 is not enough so please, make changes.


I know this is not exactly for “Chains of Domination” but for WoW BCC.

Is there any hope for introducing “Dual talents” for players that want to play more than 1 spec properly? :slight_smile:
Getting into raid and arenas in one day… is either expensive or… annoying, missing out on proper PvP spec. Healers can not farm properly etc.
I know it was this way in BC. But… based on what I saw… you guys actually listened about problems for paladins (SoB vs SoV), Tier releases etc…
This would be probably the last and the best gif that we could receive. :slight_smile: Make it cost 1-2k gold as in WotLK, just let us do it! :slight_smile:

Will we get new class sets in the new raid ? …the Gouvernant Sets shown a few minutes ago are incredibly ugly

As someone who isn’t very interested in Classic TBC I was hoping to hear anything from you guys about fresh P1 Classic Server, is there anything you can share about that?

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Will we be able to fight Robert Kotick as the end boss?


For classic TBC, will you do something about dead, low population servers?

Being honor capped on main sucks. Why not let us send Honor points over to alts?


Will 9.1 have naturally placed sockets in gear?

Also, why focus class design within Covenants while the actual classes themselves have underlying issues (such as Hpal IoL not giving fastcasted Holy Light which feels terrible)?

  • When will TBC be released ?

I >Cannot< believe they didn’t say in the Blizzcon stream today.
Please be may 4th… Classic isn’t that interesting for us to keep farming Naxx any longer then that.

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Will you guys do something about faction imbalance in the near future, or should i just pay 30$ to be able to que to three times as many groups in the Horde?

Will there be any new character customization added?

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Will be there endless torghast mode?