Your top 3 moments in WoW


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If I had to recall, I loved when I logged into WoW for the first time, late TBC and joining the masses in Orgrimmar was something unique.

Several RP moments back when I used to RP.

Coming out top on PVP as Warr after a lot of button pushing.


1-3 - quiting wow, feels so good to have freedom

  1. Getting Hand of A’dal in the night before the reset where it got removed
  2. Beating the Lich King for the first time after many failed attempts although I just had to go for about 1 hour but I thought: we can do it - and stayed!
  3. Getting my epic flight form back in TBC

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Edit2: By far my best slap-stick moment has to be being first time in (Old) Karazhan pulling the Maiden by auto-walking right into her arms! Damn, she knew how to hug me!


I can’t name three things, that were the best, it would be wrong.

I have so many good memories, but they all have one thing in common;

My top moments in WoW have been time with friends, doing silly things, doing serious things or just AFK at Dalaran or Shattrath or Shrine, where ever.
Those moments that have given me the feeling of … I dont know, uhm… connection.
Those are the moments that I consider the best I’ve had.

Not a single boss kill, not an awesome PvP match, time with friends, time with people from whom I care.


Really hard to choose only 3, but here’s my list:

  1. Buying my first mount, Spotted Frostsaber, when I finally had enough gold for it.
  2. Trying battlegrounds for the first time. I joined Warsong Gulch and my brother happened to be there too. I managed to kill his mage twice and when he realised it was me, he was so furious :laughing: He got his revenge later, though.
  3. Doing quests, dungeons and old raids with a friend of mine. I’ve never met him in real life, but we have known each other for 7 years now. We always have so much fun while playing together.


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  1. Killing Ragnaros in Molten Core for the first time wearing a ton of fire resistance gear. The nerdscreams were insane.

  2. When I got Chromatic Tempered Sword on my rogue from BWL. 2nd on server!

  3. Realm 2nd heroic (The current mythic) kill on Emperor in Mogushan Vault back in MoP.


1). Obtaining the Hand of Ragnaros (finally getting the Eye) … I was the third person in the world with it at that time (according to x-server comms chat). Then heading to start a war at X-roads then into AV with my guild healing me … I felt like a God … one shotting everything and not dying. Needless to say we destroyed everything. When people saw what I had in AV the support to keep me alive was amazing I was like the focal point of death triangle. Great times.

2). Opening of AQ - simply one of the best events (if properly experienced) that has ever happened in WOW, what an experience. All the main guilds from Horde and Alliance lining up outside the gates on each side …very organized via comms then once gates opened sky went black and out pops hell on earth, probably the only time the combined might of one server came to bear on a united enemy. Of course after the bosses died it all descended into full scale PvP madness … gotta love those shaky alliances.

3). First time heading into Darkshire from Westfall. Just started the game with a friend and progressed from Northshire Abbey down past Elwynn to begin questing in Westfall then we noticed a bridge that seemed to lead into a forest. Well my friend and I stood at that bridge for about 10 mins deciding whether to cross the bridge and then I volunteered and as I crossed the bridge the bright sunshine of Westfall suddenly disappeared and everything darkened, as did the music … the whole atmosphere changed and I no longer felt safe then I saw a spider and a bear and quickly ran back … I think we both ran the whole way back to Goldshire Inn to recover. Great memory.

4). Ok, we supposed to only have 3 but this memory was one that stands out too.
It needs some context. My guild were quite hardcore at the time and we were rivalling a Horde guild for the top spot on the server. Now I was considered the best PVP Pala on my server (at that time). I had a name and reputation. But the Horde guild I mentioned also had a top top PVPer … a Shaman and boy was he geared.
Well, we rarely if ever fought but some times if one or the other would attack a city/town then word would get out and us or them would come to help. In other words both guilds would end up fighting one another.
Anyway, there was this one time when I was travelling alone through Wetlands when I ran across the Shaman, well we both dismounted and had a go at each other (after some squaring up), champion vs champion. Well I remember that he was getting the better of me and so I had to escape, so I used tidal charm and quickly mounted up and ran.
Well, he gave chase and he followed me through 3-4 zones and our journey led us into Dun Morogh and toward Black Rock mountain.
During the chase I had been in communication with my guild about assistance and the plan was to have me summoned out. But the Shaman was gaining and as we headed to Blackrock Mountain entrance I dismounted and realized I could not outrun him on foot so what I did was as I entered Blackrock mountain I quickly hid behind one of the large doors to the entrance, with the idea that he would run past me and I would spring a surprise attack getting the all essential jump on him.
So, I hid behind the door and the plan worked, he ran past and I attacked and again we were locked in an epic struggle of which he was getting the upper hand so again I had to think fast and retreat …but where could I go? Well only one place to go …down … so as I was nearing death I ran to the edge bubbled and quickly jumped descending into the lava below (during this time I had switched to Mind controlled hat) so when I landed I swam back onto the platform below and began healing …well the Shaman followed and he was making his way toward me but as he did I noticed 2 of his lieutenants descending also so I thought “right here’s the cavalry”. As he was moving toward me thinking he was going to finish it I Mind Controlled him and swam him deeper out into the lava (he was already down in health because of the lava swim back to the ledge) and by the time he recovered it was too late he died just as his companions where arriving and just as I was backing into a corner for one last stand my summon arrived and I was able to teleport back to Stormwind nice and safe but not before a little wave.
What a fight!

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I don’t think i have experienced my best moments in wow yet since i have no friends to play with and mainly just run around alone since i started playing lol :sweat_smile:

I’ll keep you posted if i ever get a special moment to talk about :laughing:

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Not sure how to narrow it down to just three, but there are some that stick out more than others.

1) This happened the first time me and my guild did Molten Core back in 2006. It was a sort of collaboration with another, more experienced guild, and we were mostly there to add our numbers. There was only one problem. None of us had any significant Fire Resistance.

Predictably, we wiped. Before we even got to the first boss, we started dying in droves, and fairly soon, everybody were dead. Nobody said a thing. Then we start hearing a sound over the teamspeak (I think we used Ventrilo at the time). I don’t know if it was someone from our guild or the one we had teamed up with, but someone started laughing. And then it spread.

Within a minute of wiping, 40 people were laughing hysterically for what felt like 5 minutes and from there we ressed, went back, re-strategized and at a snail’s pace we managed to crawl our way through the place to take down a single boss. Noone was salty, nobody got angry and none of us had any regrets. That one moment was more than worth the repairbill.

2) I didn’t have a lot of self-esteem when I began playing WoW. And as a result, I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my tanking abilities and would always make excuses for why I couldn’t tank, which worked for a while when I was part of a small guild, but after we merged with a larger raid guild (the same one from the MC experience), that was no longer acceptable. I think my self-esteem issues were pretty apparent, because soon the main tank and main healer of the guild contacted me.

The main tank instructed me on how to choose my specc, allowing me a small amount of leeway to make it feel more personal and on which abilities to use, the 3 sunder rule, to always keep an eye on the healer’s health bar, to pull as few trash mobs as possible etc and then they took me to Stratholme to teach me the ins and outs of tanking in practice, little by little making sure I knew what to do and soon I was actively responding to tank requests in guild chat where before I ignored them.

It helped alot to know that even if I couldn’t see any potential in my abilities, others could, and rather than just link me to a tank guide, they took the time to dedicate weeks to making me someone who could be relied on.

3) This one is really simple. I was doing a quest in the Barrens, the objective was an Elite Quillboar. I struggled a lot to just get to him in the first place, due to all the adds between him and the nearest safe spot to eat to recover hp and when I finally got to him, I died. Many times. I was just about to give up when another player walked up to me and asked if I was on the same quest. I confirmed that I was, so we grouped up, fought our way through the adds and took down the Elite, which was still a hard fight. Deciding that we worked well together, we moved on to Thousand Needles and kept questing together for a whole day, added each other to our friends list and continued to help each other every now and then for weeks afterwards. It wasn’t anything unique. In fact, I’d wager everyone have had this experience, but it was the first time I truly fell in love with the game.


The best is coming :slight_smile:

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Four more amazing wow moments to me were

1- Summoning the AV boss for the first time, it was legendary.

2- The reaction of some new/returning player in mop asking me for help then I ran him through a full flex and normal raid :3

3-Getting taught by my friend how to play rogue in MoP, we used sit near training dummies ingame and next to each other irl and just theorycraft everything rogue related, trying out formulas, calculating dps etc, taking averages and so on.

4- Getting realm first rogue in proving grounds at round 96 back when it was actually hard.


Loved reading yours! Especially the venture into Duskwood since I’ve had the same experience on my paladin. Getting to lvl 12 an done shotting everything in Elwynn, feeling super strong. Crossed the river to atatck a simple spider, got eaten :joy:

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Same. i still remember that wolf with a skull instead the number of the level. and i was 4th lvl when i crossed the river between elwynn and duskwood.
The wolf made a growl and i died one shot!


Full merciless + Kodo mount, and Gold - Standing mid OG with 100 Gold spammers around me, and people digging the full merciless. Good times.

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One awesome moment was yesterday. I was on my orc mage Martok doing some WQ in Darkshore. Got into a group to kill Ivus. Russian group. Two of them, mages (NB and BE) think it funny there’s an orc mage among them. Somehow it must have “insulted” their chosen class and they decided to make fun of me. Just the typical /lol, /insult, /rude gestures were thrown at poor old Martok. One of them threw some phrases in Russian which seemed to translate roughly to idiot according to google.
Ivus was soon down and look at that! Guess which old mage severely outdid the elvish mages… yup… good old Martok. Linked the dps and threw my own /lol at those elvish mages and flew away on my goblin rocket into the sunset!

Edit: anyone know why my toon doesnt show up on forums? I just get the W icon instead of Martok’s handsome face

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