Your upload speed is rly aweful


So I wanted to download the patch today but everytime the download starts at 3,8MB p/s but after 4 seconds its dropped down to 4KB p/s and after 10 seconds its at 0KB p/s, seriously this is very poor from a company like blizzard, you’d expect a stable download of at least 4MB p/s (and yes I did a speedtest and theres nothing wrong with my download speed).

If this is how I have to download the patch, it will take me a week to finally be able to play again, yet I paid for my subscription so that means I paid for a month but i’m not able to fully use it because of YOU “Blizzard” !
Does this mean I will get a refund since this is not my fault that your uploadspeed is brutally low?

Gotto admit, you guys are very quick with fixing this, if only it went this fast in the game as well with fixing bugs, you would be my favorite gaming company once again :smiley:
Just after I posted this, 2 mins later my download speed went back to normal, thanks.


Glad to hear the issue is resolved :wink: Enjoy the game Thegabber.

How’s my driving? Let me know!