Zandalar tribe weekend static pug, <Torn Tongue>

:zap: Join ours static [Zandalar Tribe] - Horde!

Every Saturday our clan <Torn Tongue> hosting Molten Core pugs raid at 15:30 server time. Our progress 9\10 + Onyxia
We stick to "+1+ loot system: if you already got one item - you skip on next until everyone else among applicants would also have one
We also prioritize Main spec over Off spec, which would work similar as +1 rule: you can roll on OS item once MS applicants already got one
BoE and mats draw at the end of the raid, legendary reserved by the guild

Be kind, respect your teammates and follow RL guidance

You can check our logs via warcraftlogs

If you ready to join sign up event in and come for inspect (ingame).


Torn Tongue is hosting an MC this Saturday, as usual. Meet and greet at 16:00 at server time in Kargath. Gear drops will be rolled for MS >OS +1. Materials will be shared between all participants who didn’t get any loot at the end of the raid. Having all pre raid BiS or t1. Need heal priests, heal shaman, mages, warlock, fury\OT Sign up on


I applause your initiative in spite of the many defeatist posts of late from Horde players. That’s the spirit, not some cowardly “all Horde jump ship” bs.
You are a true member of the Horde.


Up. Support

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