Zenedar (PvP) Horde Reconnections


Оо, помню тебя. -_-

(Skyseer) #25

Тоже помню :slight_smile:
P.S. Zenedar - .discord.gg/XhMVB4


Humanerror here


Nice ! I think my name was Kush in DAWN but not 100% sure.Was a UD priest. Did play alot with the lock called Mavet. Cool to see yr still playing.


Going down the rabbit hole…
My name was Wun, Orc Shaman.
Guilds: Escape, Dark Side of the Moon, Delirium (?)


Coroggar, Tauren Shaman - The Italian Job


Makanoo Troll Shaman
The Burning Hand, Darkside of the Moon

Already noticed some names that i can remember. /wave


Hey Kanabras! Mcmike here if you remember me (played/still play Undead Mage). Sadly you are correct, from what I understand Hekmato was in a car accident a few years back and passed away. :frowning: Nice to see some old Arctic Legion names on here though, been a long time!


wow a lot of old names here I recognized some of it

Name: Stanko Undead Mage
Guild: DAWN,Arctic Legion

Battle tag : Dex#22876


Mohxt - Undead Warlock - Sairon#21890


I remember you!

I was Vaul, tauren hunter who never got his tier 1 shoulderpads after months of MC runs with you.


Kjøttmeis, undead rogue. Played in Arctic Legion. Breaks my heart to read that Hekmato passed away. I am going to be playing on Firemaw EU so if any of you plan on playing there and remember me, look me up! Sovereign#2732


char: Mikestore - orc rogue -
guild: OOBR - The Italian Job - Lucid


Char: Strex
Class: Undead Rogue
Guild: Usque ad Inferos - The Italian Job


Char: Mooncloud (Conga)
Class/race: Tauren Shaman (Troll Hunter)
Guild: Awakenings, Red Star


Char: Aristandros
Race: Tauren
Class: Shaman
Guild: The Italian Job, No Remorse, DOA


char : kzkz
Race: Orc
Class: Warrior
Guild: DAWN,Arctic Legion
I had been playing with a lot of ppl ( Jaz, Stanko< Deathknight, Pipo, Guru, Fayk. Hekmoto, Orci, Deep, Hamode, Tnm, Enreki, Corp, Spard, Demonaykyo, Drakfahad, Blanka, Rola, Evilface, friendly , and there are a lot i couldn’t remember


Hey Kanabras,
not sure if you remember me, i was tanking in Hekmato’s guild
Yes, Hekmato passed away in car accident, its really sad.


Hi Xat :wave: best MT EU

Sad to hear about what happened to Hekmato.


Hey! I was in Awakenings, My ex Ericthaman was one of the gms. I never raided with you guys, because it was my ex playing most of the time, but i did some dung and lvling with you guys! Madlady was my name…A mage…Later it became Quena.
Where are you playing? /Soph