Zskera Vault bug- Unfinished Stone Golem

So I can into a quite annoying bug for this weeks Zskera Vault. On ground floor I open my first door to my left. Inside is a Unfinished Stone Golem mob. APparently that is unkillable and constantly tracks me down inside the vault, following me around- even when I’m in stealth. It engages in combat if I hit any other mobs. And when I attack another mob every god damn mob on the floor runs after me and I die. I cannot progress at all and it honestly sucks. Last week had no problems for me. This week I can’t kill anything- I’ve turned into a punching bag for all mobs in the vault, lol.

Running in and out the valt doesnt help. When I do that, every mob comes running to the entrance and follows me around. And ofc attacks when I get out of stealth. What is up with thaaaaaat


I have this problem as well. Any help would be much appreciated

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