Kikigi said, "Evil is coming"!

Kikigi said, “Evil is coming”!

Hello everyone, my friends!
What’s on our menu today?
Demon Hunter!
A wonderful deck that the developers of Hearthstone pleased us with, without exaggeration and without any doubt, this Demon Hunter deck is cool!
Anyone who wants to quickly break into the legendary rank, you can do it without any problems or difficulty on this deck, BUT IT IS IMPORTANT HERE and I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Demon Hunter deck requires your understanding, for example, the legendary card “Zelliax-3000” in my I use the deck to replenish health, since the Demon Hunter spends its health very quickly, which requires replenishing health!

  1. Hearthstone Demon Hunter (

  2. Hearthstone Demon Hunter (

Demon Hunter

Class: Demon Hunter

Format: Standard

Year of Pegasus

#2x (1) Taste of Chaos
#2x (1) Illidarology
#2x (1) Burning Heart
#2x (1) The Fabulous Salesman
#2x (1) Frequency emitter
#2x (2) Wand Maker
#2x (2) Team Spirit
#1x (2) Customizer
#2x (2) Dehydrated Desperado
#1x (3) Time stamp
#2x (3) Referee’s Grip
#1x (4) Sound Engineer Pozzik
#2x (4) Boar with ball
#1x (4) Ki’kigi
#1x (4) Metamorphosis
#1x (4) The Last Dance
#2x (5) Shop Gawker
#1x (8) Magtheridon Unliberated
#1x (0) Zilliax Deluxe 3000
#1x (0) Zilliax Deluxe 3000
#1x (4) Redundant module
#1x (5) Ideal module


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