Someone said it's not my hand in this video?

Someone said it’s not my hand in this video?
Here’s a Diamond Rank 5 video of my hand:

(11) 1 марта 2024 г. - YouTube

Today we have March 9, 2024. This is a photo of my diamond grade hand:

(11) 9 апреля 2024 г. - YouTube

Пришлось ради форума записать доказательства. Руки устали
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Рука больше, чем нога :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Ma è un altra forma di trolling innovativo continuare ad aprire discussioni in inglese sul forum italiano?

This is not trolling, friend!
I was passing through Italy in Rome!
In St. Peter’s Square. I like it…
Italian women are very temperamental and emotional, combined with the Italian language it looks beautiful and bewitching
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