Geting Owl-Skins cross platform

I know that it does not work to just transfer the special skins cross platform, like for my example the Jjonak MVP-skin, but is it possible to have the option to buy the skin on a different platform? So in my case I use the same account for Ps4 and Pc and I have the Jjonak MVP-skin on Ps4, so the Blizzard system should know I have it on Ps4 and then it could maybe make the option available to just get it a second time for Pc (for 200 OWL-Tokens)? So there is no conflict with Sony because of money issues and we could enjoy our skins cross platform if we switch platform. Would it be possible to do that?

Wrong language, wrong forum!

Das hier ist das deutsche Forum für Feedback zum Overwatch findest du dort drüben…

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