26.2.1 Patch Notes

Nachdem der 26.0 Patch nun schon voll 3 Tage aktiv ist und

immer noch gilt.
Hier die 26.2.1 Patch-Notes:

Patch 26.2.1 is a server-side hotfix patch rolling out today with the following updates and bug fixes across game modes.

Battlegrounds Updates

The following Heroes now have less Armor:
o N’Zoth now has 10 Armor
o Galakrond now has 13 Armor
o C’Thun now has 13 Armor at higher ranks; it still has 10 Armor at lower ranks
The following Heroes now have more Armor:
o Rock Master Voone now has 15 Armor
o Tess Greymane now has 17 Armor
o Dinotamer Brann now has 18 Armor
o Chenvaala now has 19 Armor at higher ranks; it still has 12 Armor at lower ranks
o Aranna Starseeker now has 20 Armor at all ranks
o E.T.C., Band Manager now has 20 Armor
E.T.C., Band Manager has been returned to the hero pool.
Sinrunner Blanchy has been returned to the minion pool.

Duels Updates

Zul’jin and Dead Man’s Hand have been banned from all card pools.

Arena Updates
Card appearance rates were adjusted. Class cards in general will appear less frequently for Priest and more frequently for Hunter and Warlock. Also, specific high power class cards will appear less frequently for Priest, Shaman, and Warrior; and more frequently for Hunter and Rogue.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements

[Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where some new/returning players were not offered their loaner deck, causing a soft-lock that prevented them from being able to play in Standard. As a temporary mitigation to this issue, we’re extending the loaner deck period for affected players and pausing the grants at the end of that period. Once this bug is fixed in Patch 26.4, we will reinstate loaner deck grants. Alternatively, unlocking Wild first should also resolve the issue, end the loaner deck period, and offer the player their choice of deck to add to their collection.
[Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Rowdy Fan’s effect was granting +4 Attack.
[Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Arcanite Ripper would count Armor change as Health change.
[Hearthstone] Theft Accusation can now be triggered by a copy from Mixtape.
[Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where if Metrognome’s cost was reduced to 1, it could trigger its own effect when played.
[Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where a Kidnapped minion retained its enchantments (and damage) once freed from the Sack.
[Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Boogie Down could summon 0-cost minions.
[Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where Vaelstrasz sometimes gave Dragons of lower Tiers.
[Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where Sinrunner Blanchy could combine with Reanimating Rattler and get infinite Reborn.
[Battlegrounds] Fixed a visual bug where cards copied by Rock Master Voone’s hero power sometimes displayed incorrect numbers.
[Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug causing server crashes.
[Progression] Fixed a bug where some bots on the Hearthstone ladder were Shamans, but playing a Rogue deck.
  • The next balance patch which will be shipping in ~1 week