Champion breaking bug

Bug: if you get a micro DC while playing abatur, you cancel automatically symbiosis instantly.

Replay Download: Links not allowed, so tell me how I can provide it.
Replay Timestamp: 11:20 is disconnect. After that, in a couple of seconds, I come back and abatur instantly cancels symbiose.

How to reproduce:

  1. Play abatur
  2. get a micro DC (a disconnect over a second or so, where you apperantly get a DC according to the game)
  3. When you are back after a couple of seconds, if your Cooldown overlay is transparent, you reproduced the bug.

Ways to get micro DC:

  • CPU gets too hot and passive cooling throttles your game.
  • GPU Drivers crash for various reasons.
  • Internet lag, which happens over 3-5 seconds like new IP from your provider.

Ingame solution:

  • restart game
  • cross fingers, that you dont get leavers penalty

Valve, please fix.

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