Chōdo yoi - ちょうど良い is searching for Tank/DPS/Support

[ LFP ] [ Eng / EU ] [ 3.3 - 3.8K ]

~Team Chōdo yoi - ちょうど良い is searching for players~


  • Flexible scrim days according to the rotation schedule
  • Our own discord.
  • Participation in tournaments and events.
  • We stand for equality and no discrimination

~What we expect from you~

  • Player with an SR range of 3.3k - 3.8k -/+
  • The will to improve individually and with the team
  • Criticism ability
  • Friendly behavior

~We are currently looking for these roles~

-Off Tank
-Projectile/Flex DPS
-Hitscan DPS
-Flex Support

Dm Me on Discord ( Skyess#9640 or Timbo#1402 ) if you are interested or if you have any questions