New role queue system with hybrid heros


In my opinion the actual version of role pick is unplayable and will leed to a massiv loss of actives players.

The main problems of actual version are:

- way too long searching time for dps

- to easy to troll the whole Team

- no space for flexibility/creativity/strategy

Further I will explain why these are the main problems. In the actual version dps players have to wait up to 10 min for a match. That’s way too long, compared to times without role queue where you had instant matches. The argument "don’t play dps" is useless because many players just play OW because they wanna have fun as dps and without dps the game is not worth to play anymore. Furthermore it’s so easy to troll your whole team in 2-2-2 and role pick because every player is 100% important. With role queue you can go Mercy and just be afk and your team has no chance because they only have one more healer which can not heal that much. Without/ with the new role queue yon can go f.e. with Moira and Brigitt to cover the trolling mercy, but you have still some offensive/tank power. Last, there is no space for any kind of variation or strategy. You are not able to play 3 dps in the last seconds of attack, it’s not possible to pick a third healer when the dps of the other team are on fire and it’s not possible to play two "real" dps like solider and reaper, combined with a "dps" like Symetra.

I would prefer a role Queue System with "hybrid" roles instead of static roles! This means that f.e. one of the both tanks can go as a third dps, in specific situations. The other tank has to possibility to go as a third support. Same System with dps and support, so you will have 6 instead of 3 roles (dps-sup, dps-tank, tank-dps, tank-sup, sup-dps, sup-tank). Instead of Picking 1 out of 3 possible roles, you can pick 6 out of 6 roles. 6 out of 6 means that you can choose more than one role before searching for a match. This will reduce searching time massively!

To still garantee a balenced team there has to be some rules:

  • you can change your role with one of your team mate during breaks, if both agreed to the change. This will create more space of flexibility. If there is a good with in enemy Team and your dps are not able to fight her, a tank go widow and fight the other widow. Further this can help to “fight” against team-trollers.

  • to avoid a instant usage of the hybrid roles, its should not be possible to change your role ingame in the first, lets say, 30 seconds.

The skill point system should be rested to the old system with only one skill rating instead of 3 different, because in actual system only the dps rating can say something about your real skill. Further it’s is easy to troll. Platin DPS and silver support because of constant support trolling, will be basic in the next months.

I would love to see this new system on the PTR to test it in the game. Personally, I think that OW will be dead in the next months, if nothing changes.

Please share your feedback about this new system and share this post to all blizzard developers.

Thank you <3


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