Makro modifier "talent" and "spec" not working in classic

Hi there,

I tried to use the macro modifiers on the current patch on wow classic. But it is not working at all.

Can someone confirm that?

You’re currently in the German forums where people are expected to speak that language. The english forums are that way:

Diese beiden Bedingungen sind spezifisch für das Talentsystem von Retail, das komplett anders funktioniert, als das in Classic der Fall ist. Diese beiden Bedingungen sind daher in Classic nicht verfügbar.

Those two modifiers are specifically build for the talent system of retail WoW, which works completely different to classic. Those two modifiers are not available in classic.

Something like this

#showtooltip Polymorph
/cast [nomod] Polymorph
/cast [mod:alt] Blink

is working for me.

no I meant something like

/cast [talent:3/7] Mindflay

See above: That’s not possible, as the talent system does not work that way in classic.

Hm und Hm?

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