Soloshuffle Queuetime

First of all I find the new mode super!
It finally gives the long-awaited opportunity to play alone arena, but I find that the time you have to bring to play this mode actively are just too long.
There are a few ways to prevent this, for example, better and more lucrative rewards for healers, more conquest points, unique titles, transmogs, achievements, etc… Also, there would be the possibility to include mirror matchups, so that when few healers are looking for matches, the DDs compete against each other in a fair match, which could be buffed to better enable lifesteal or selfheal, or you could additionally change the mode insofar, that there are once the classic rounds, 3vs3 and then (if no healers are to be found) it is always a 1vs1 in a random rotation for 6 rounds each, where you can then after a time, for example, in the middle to capture a flag to not stretch the game endlessly in length.

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