3 week my acc is ban

i have a big problem here i try full explain anything and hope someone give me a idea

its 3 week my acc and my brother acc got ban in same time for make real money!
bcs we have 1 pc i try with Alt+tab boost his acc too (his main char before ban is lvl 45 i think with only 900gold i think)

its 3 week i send tickets to bliz support but always after 24 hour gm answer me and only say “we have evidence” and close ticket

last night i was so sad bcs my acc and try explain them more , so i send this ticket
3 week susband my favorite account for what? think i do make real money with my gold!!!
why ?
bcs i send my gold to my alt acc and give like 1k of it to a friend that need it for lvl up!
3 week call me lier!
if someone want do real money making create a resto druid? go check how long took time i lvl up my paladin…if someone want do real money like 3 month waste time for lvl up with quest when can get it with 1 week boost?!!
go check how much i do raids and dung
even check my retail druid…if someone want make real money try hard 1 week keep do quests on legion for get giant owl?(atleast i cant get it )
a real money maker try hard do dung mythic+ with keys?
they do collect mounts and pets?
did i do 1 week quest for unlock a new race just bcs i want get the mount?!
i aggree u guys see i trade and send some gold (idk mybe like 5k gold) and think oh yeah this idiot guy make money with our game gold but its 3 week i send ticket and want it back bcs i like my pets and mounts on retail
if like u guys think i do make real money i not waste my time for tickets and create new acc for make money again!
pls for god sake give my acc back i real like what i collect and dont have time for create new one…
pls give it back or give me good reason othervise (we check evidence)!!!
tnx for reading;
tnx, best regard.

and again after 20 hour that is answer of gm:
Account Action: Warning
Offense: Violation of Customer Support Interaction Policy

The account listed above has continued to ticket in appealing our decision on a matter. At this time, we must ask you to adhere to the outcome we have provided. Repeated contacts about this situation can result in severe penalties for this account.

We understand that accidents and mistakes can result in gameplay behavior that isn’t perceived as ideal. Customer Service as a whole, from individual customer support agents to global directors, do everything in our power to deliver an ideal experience. However, as with every job, there are policies and procedures in place to ensure we’re upholding the intended game design. Many of us are avid players of our products as well, and we understand why you’re asking for a different outcome.

We would like to make it clear that the resolutions you’ve received will be the only one we can offer as a business. While we understand, and welcome, additional contacts that further clarify a situation, there comes a point where the outcome we’re providing is the correct one for us as a game studio. At this point in time, we’d like to make it clear that we will not be able to offer a different solution.

Continuing to submit tickets appealing this decision may result in penalties being applied to your account, up to and including account termination.

For more information, please review the Battle.net End User License Agreement.
Battle.net End User License Agreement: http://blizzard.com/company/legal/eula.html

its so sad bcs i love this acc so much and its unfair i got ban just bcs i want help my friends or my brother

pls if someone have any idea its a favor share with me bcs gm think im guilty and punish me for thing i not ever do :sob:
sorry for being long text i just try explain anything for faster result

Haha jesus man, you sure didnt handle this one well buddy. :joy:
”its 3 week i send ticket and want it back bcs i like my pets and mounts on retail”, even tho you mention ”3 week” serveral times and also being the title I just feel I have to make sure… You know you get your account back after 3 weeks… right? First of all you didnt even provide the official Offence that they claim you broke the first time (have a hard time seeing it being, word by word, ”make real money”, so right from the start without that crutial information its hard to help you figure out why you potentially were SUSPENDED (not banned).

Even then only you and the analyzed data/investigation from Blizzard holds the ”truth”. Ever
You clearely havent read the terms of service, ”rules”, or barely read since you admitt to account sharing AND continue to write to the support so much that you also get a suspension for that even tho its stated VERY clearely not to do so from the very first mail.

They have said theirs, you will have a 3 week suspension. The only of thing you can make it from here is making it worse.

No offence if this is not the case but you clearely being quite young (seeing how to how you write and WHAT you write :joy:) and/or not having english as your main language doesnt really help you in this case I am afraid.

Pro tip: being friendly, polite and calm (think you need to work in this one quite abit)
when in contact with other human beings
goes a long way.

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hey man
tnx for replay;

  1. “You know you get your account back after 3 weeks… right?” sry i was so mad and tilt for what happened to me and i just check my first ticket i send to support team , my acc got ban from 22 july and when i login battle net its say “Account Banned” its back after 3 week?!!

2.“you admitt to account sharing” man its my little brother not a friend or allince! i try help him bcs he is my family!!!

3.“you clearely being quite young” i try tell gm if i was a fool man that play wow for make money why i play that much and collect things? they ever not check my chat log…i ask like 100 ppl how they got a pet or transmog and i go try claim them! ever if i can share my google search!

4.“not having english as your main language” if someone not know english as well most not play games?!!

5.“being friendly, polite and calm” i send 5 ticket and ask friendly but only replay i get back is “we have evidence” and then close ticket!!!

When this happens, I feel like I’ve been treated like garbage
Because I have been punished for something I did not do :sob:

That sucks, hope they sort it out for you

Hello there,

We cannot discuss or review account actions via the forum. If you wish to appeal the action taken, you will need to submit a ticket here.