Acc hacked, email provider gone

So my acc got hacked and my email provider quitted its service, already wrote 500 tickets no response. now i made a new account. i spent more than 5k on Diablo immortal, my account is 20yrs old and i cant get any service back from you guys? Reset my god damn account for gods sake. Im already waiting 1 week without any kind of response, this is crazy.

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If you got a ticket number, you’re in a queue and will get an answer when your turn comes up. Nothing can be done on the forums to speed the queue up nor, even, to tell you when you will get an answer.

Writing more than 1 ticket is kind of silly – it only crowds the queue and slows down the entire process for everyone in the queue.

If you didn’t get a ticket number, then something might have gone wrong when you submitted a ticket… See step #2 of :

Good luck with this.

Try contacting the support once more, might help.

As others have said, try to contact support.