Account hacked 20/4/2020

I woke up to my account stolen the location of the hacker was russia he changed my email and password but didnt remove my phone number i was able to find out what email he is using on the account he got past my authenticator some how i had 2 step verification and he still got in i have been waiting 21 hours and yet no reply from customer support what can i do? do they also have a number i can ring?

Hey same thing happend to me!!!Absolutely the same!Every number i have dialed that i could’ve found everywhere connected with blizzard just got me to where you are right now.Nowhere my man.They just seem not to care at all.Someone’s bank accounts and entire privacy is being exposed and nobody at least kick’s the guy out of the account quickly than deals with rest later.I dont know what we gonna do :slight_smile:

bro i feel the lack of care there to i have my bank details where i live and shit but i still get no response and its been 24 hours

I’m waiting for a fucking response for the second week, my account is also hacked and Blizzard is in no hurry to restore it

For 2 weeks? That’s some bullshit man imagine being a company who pushes out updates daily but have no one in customer support that’s a fucking joke I’m regretting becoming a blizzard member

same problem to me, have opened one ticket added all information. cant call any phone numbers. my account email have been changed and my accout have my credit card detail


my account got hacked aswell i lost acces through my mail

they changed my charachter over realms ? do u think they could have gotten acces to the credit card ?

Highly unlikely as payment details are masked on your Blizzard account, likely they used a stolen Credit Card to make the payment for the Transfer. Unless they used Balance, they can still use Balance if you have some saved on your account.

For now simply Contact Support Ohnata and make sure to please protect your accounts (email, blizzard, any others) with some form of 2 Factor Authentication, our Authenticator is free and can be found on Google Play and Apple Store for mobile devices…

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thanks for your response i’m really stressed out about this.
i put in 3 tickets one with more info than the other (not sure if that was a good idea but anyway) its been over TWO days and i still got no response on one of my tickets, i understand that due to covid-19 the times could be longer but i have read that people are waiting over 4 days for a response ?

i’d like to call or live chat to resolve this asap but none are available

thanks for your time anyway tho.

Im sorry for replay in this post, i have problem with account. Today im playing Warzone and game lost connection with blizzard after quit to desktop im trying to login but cant account not found. Email and phone number is changed. This is my new acc i need to contact support for recovery, also im sended passport picture in ticket

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I suffer from the same problem, account hacked, I create a ticket but they do not hurry to solve these serious problems

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