Account hacked and banned please help

Greetings everyone,

Recently, while engaging in my usual gaming routine I renewed my subscription on March 10th for participating in the Hearthstone event, I received unexpected contact from a GM accusing me of engaging in illicit transactions. Following their instructions to visit [link removed], I found myself abruptly logged out, unable to access my account thereafter. Upon attempting account recovery via my phone number, I discovered it had been compromised. Fortunately, I managed to regain access, securing it with a new email and enabling two-factor authentication. Upon logging into World of Warcraft, I noticed a new character had been created with my accumulated gold, which I promptly transferred back to my main character. Surprisingly, I was then banned for “Abuse of the Economy,” despite being the victim of hacking. This raises the question: why am I being penalized for actions beyond my control?

Bans are not discussed openly in the forum. You can write a ticket to appeal it once to have the GMs check the situation.

Also, please remove the address of the phishing site, to prevent other people loosing their accounts, too!

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Account actions are not discussed in the forums. Please reach out via ticket to report a compromise. No login is needed to create the ticket.