Account hacked, banned and declined support from activision /

My activision account was hacked early March and they added a steam account to it and accessed my warzone game, resulting in this being banned. I have made contact with activision and had this resolved, however when trying to get to unban my mw3 game i am met with the following;


This action has been taken in accordance with our Terms of Use and our In-game Policies ( ), which all players acknowledge and agree to prior to playing. These policies and conditions allow us to maintain a fun and safe game environment for all of our players.

Our Terms of Use can be found at

Game Master Team
Blizzard Entertainment’.

How is my account being hacked a breach of policy and this resulting in me not being able to have access to my game. The inconsistency shown between activisiona and blizzard makes no sense since you are the same company.
I have supported evidence that the account has been rectified on activision and had no success with blizzard.
Any suggestions i could take please as i have purchased all my cod games via and have all my currencies on this also

You’ll need to create an account compromised ticket and not an appeal account action ticket in that case:

Best of luck.

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