Account has been Hacked

Hello. I got scammed on the most obvious way. Someone whispered me saying that my account has been reported for economy abuse and I thought it had to something about me selling some items on AH for lower price. There was a link leading to wowgm dot net website which looked exactly like . I logged in and entered the code from my email and that’s when I received the email saying that my email address has been changed. I can’t log in to my account anymore because the email doesn’t exist. I have opened a ticket two days ago and still haven’t got a reply from GM.

The reason why I’m writing this here is to see if there is a way to speed up the process because my game time is going to be charged today or tomorrow, I’m not entirely sure. Also, some of my credit cards are connected with the account and I’m afraid the hacker will abuse them.


If you haven’t yet, inform your card companies that your credit card numbers may have been stolen.

Putting in a ticket was the correct thing to do…

Good luck with this.