Account level reset to level 1?

I was level 130 or something had a huge grind on weapons and everything went to level 1… I was just playing a normal ground war the game crashed and when I logged in again everything was level 1 weapons, battlepass, all missions everything… Can someone help?


Same thing happened to me.

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Yup, same here lol. 2 days after I had to redownload all 170+ GB of the game…

Getting a white square in the middle of the screen and it’s saying I don’t have battle pass when I was close to finishing the damn thing.

Absolutelyyyy ridiculous. I feel like they’re doing this on purpose at this point!

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I hope this is some sort of weird belated April fools joke, if it is it’s not funny.

Like others, my game crashed and when it restarted my officer rank progression had reset to zero.

Oh and I also had to download about 180Gb of data yesterday for no reason, I actually blamed the kids for accidentally deleting my game files. 180Gb of data isn’t fun to download when the Download Servers kept dropping connection every few minutes. :frowning:

My actual game rank displayed 1 for a while then it reset back to 155 Max Rank, I still have all my unlocked gun attachments and my character unlocks seem to be ok to.

I’m hoping it’s a temporary glitch, fingers crossed.

Same issue here, all progress is gone. Have this game from last week and there is more problems than actual fun. First “fatal error” next redownload +170GB with downloading issues and poor transfer, now this?

Very disappointing Activision…

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Same issue here, I also lost all progress in missions and I lost my battle pass !

exact same thing just happened to me lvl reset to 1 alone and lost my battle pass. after i just reached 100

Guys, my game has returned to normal, I have all my weapons and ranks back.

Same problem here :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Bro same but my acc was locked so I unlocked it and and I find that my acc is level 1 all the weapons That i grinded on level 1 and all my friends in my friends list gone

Did you ever find a way to fix this issue?

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