Account suspension Overwatch 2

So i have my 3rd 1 month ban on Overwatch2,first 2 bans i just igonred them because i barely play overwatch more than 2-3 hours per week.
Last week i played around 2-3 matches and i just closed the game,i didnt communicate with anyone on voice nor on chat.
So i opened the game few days after,and i receive a pop up message says that i got reported multiple times(Well i used to be on Diamond and Plat rank no playing vs silvers and gold is kinda easy and they say i cheat),so again i just igonred the popup message and i didnt even play.
The next day i received a 1 month ban :slight_smile: ,i asked support to give evidence that i violate their policies but they didnt give any information.
Did this ever happen to any one before ???

Blizzard operates on a ban first upon most policy violations scale, they will not give “proof” mostly except for chat violations to not allow players to avoid dodging the rules.

If you wish to appeal you may do so here:

But seeing as you’ve already received 2 prior bans you’ve already have an uncontested track record and it won’t look good for you.

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