Activision support

I had set up 2fA on my activision account and stupidly did not tattoo my spare backup codes to my cheeks. As such when I gave my old phone to my wife without switching over my google Authenticator, I became trapped in the activision support Bermuda Triangle.

Is there actually an activision support? It seems, from all attempts made, that you must log in to get support. The only help outside that is for hacking of your account, and they refuse to help for any other reason.

I get that this is Blizzard but as they are merged I hope I might get some advice, as I can at least get on here through your unique authentication.

So if anyone could pass on any wisdom that does not involve a comment like “I got Derek to help me and he was amazing, kontact him on fake@takeyourbank.details “ … I would be extremely grateful!

Apologies if I suck and shouldn’t ask this here but it has been weeks of trying every other option and I don’t have the time to waste on this endless cycle of dung!


Hey there, sorry to hear you got stuck in this situation but as you’ve mentioned it yourself, this is Blizzard forum and we have to redirect you to Activision: and if you’re looking to discuss their support maybe you could do that through social media such as specific CoD/Activision reddit or any other.