Activision - Warzone unfair ban

I know I shouldn’t write here as my problem is off-topic but I am trying anything as Activision’s support is the absolute worst.
I opened yesterday only to find out that my account had been permanently banned on Warzone. I then appealed the ban but received a standard reply saying that I allegedly “used unauthorized software” AKA hacking, which I absolutely did not (I have a 0.57 KD). I cannot access an account that I had spent money and countless hours on. Activision cannot be contacted and Blizzard blames Activision’s team for this.

Did anyone else experience something like this and managed to solve it ?

Thanks a lot !


Same thing for me today… I don’t understand

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Is there a way we could bring this to Activision’s attention ? There are a lot of players in the same situation: banned for “use of unauthorized software” even though they did nothing of ths sorts.

Activision does not care…
I’v tried the ban appeal, automatic answers. I’ve tried the hacking account appeal, automatic answers. I reached real persons at Activision office in my country (France), they can’t do anything.
If you’re not a notorious player or streamer, and have some good contacts, you can’t just do anything.

I spent money in Warzone and MW, I played during 2 years almost everyday, and you’re forbidden to play because they think their Ricochet software is 100% perfect… but it does not.

I’m gonna try to create another account… only solution. So unfair.